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  1. A Canvas Wall Tent VALLEY TENT AND CANVAS   This business's website is probably kind of new, so it lacks a lot of pertinent information. I guess they make wall tents and they also do canvas fabric repair.

    ►Valley Tent and Canvas was founded in 1983 in Nampa, ID we have over 40 years of combined experience to service your custom needs and specialized fabric fabrication. From custom boat covers, wall tents, awnings, and most fabric repairs we look forward to see if we can take care of your fabric goods. Currently located in Nampa, ID and now in Twin Falls, ID we are situating ourselves to help encompass the need of the outdoorsman. We look forward to working with you and appreciate the time you've taken to look at our business.◄

  2. Nemo Isopod™ 300 NEMO EQUIPMENT   Featured here are the usable two models that can accommodate full time living probably. First one is the Isopod™ 100 (about 8ft x 8ft) & the Isopod™ 300. Picture on the right is of their "Isopod™ 300", a 240 SF tent, that's almost 15ft x 15ft to give you an idea of it's size. Really, these tents are designed to be extreme conditions base camps, so living in them on a permanent basis - you had better check with them first before buying one, because they ain't cheap, and i do not know how well they would hold up living in them year round.

    ►Isopod™ has a unique pole configuration that has been wind tunnel and computer-optimized to withstand extreme winds, resisting breakage by allowing pole flex. Isopod™ fabrics are custom designed with additional UV and abrasion resistance. The removable inner canopy is composed largely of APRI™, a metallic fabric that increases interior warmth. A large Dyneema-reinforced snow skirt around the perimeter of Isopod™ can be used to seal out weather. Over 40 guy-out points and 10 primary ground anchors lock Isopod™ to the ground. Internally deployable vents and mesh pockets, including specialized radio pockets, ensure livability. Includes high strength DAC poles, duffle style carry bag, snow stakes, and repair kit.◄
  3. Model EXP Outfitter 10X15 Canvas Tent SNOWTREKKER™ CANVAS TENTS   I didn't know this company existed. But, by the looks of their pictures they sell a unique design and they look good also. Nice website with plenty of product pictures.

    ►With design refinements that add ease of set-up and overall tent perfection, the new Snowtrekker canvas tents continue to maintain their status as the flagship of winter camping tents. When Snowtrekker™ canvas tents were designed 15 years ago, every one of their features were carefully planned and tested to withstand the rigorous demands of the winter elements. Their modified wedge design combat wind and snow load from every direction and their smaller overall interior volume increase heating efficiency while maintaining maximum floor print area. Functional living space is achieved with an interior frame that matches the slope of the walls and supports the entire ridge line of the tent. Furthermore, this design makes the tent freestanding and easy to set up, even solo. Add to this the next generation of guy-lines and Snowtrekker™ tents set up remarkably tight. An asymmetrical oval door is structurally integrated into the tent and allows the entryway to be heightened providing easier entrance/exit. Additionally, the door flap closes with a single vertical zipper. Of course, we've kept the time-proven features including 7.5 ounce fire-retardant canvas, reinforced stress points, and 12in wide synthetic snow flaps.◄
  4. WOODS PROSPECTOR TENTS   This appears to be an old line company based in Canada that has two basic classes of Canvas Wall Tents: Industrial Wall Tents (IND.) 17.6oz heavy-duty unbleached cotton duck fabric and Standard Wall Tents (STD.) 10oz heavy-duty unbleached cotton duck fabric. Video on the right is a review of the actual tent made by this publication called "Woodsmonkey". Be sure to watch part two of this review called: "Woodsmonkey 2"

    ►Founded in 1885, Woods Canada is among the oldest and most respected outdoor brands in the world. Woods is proud to have been involved in a number of events which have shaped our country. In particular, the products that Woods has developed and produced for use in Canada's Arctic, have allowed Canadians to explore this region and to live and work in some of the harshest weather conditions in the world. Since 1885, Woods products have been chosen by and endorsed by many of the great adventurers, explorers, outdoorsmen and pioneers of the past century, including Admiral Richard Byrd, Robert Peary, Harry Snyder, Kermit Roosevelt, Walter Woods, Sir Hubert Wilkins, Father Hubbard, Ernest Hemingway and Bradford Washburn. Durable quality you've come to expect from Woods. Our water repellent and rot resistant tents are available in a variety of sizes with a flame retardant fabric option. Custom sizes and materials available, call for a quotation. Stove pipe rings and pole sets are available and sold separately.◄
  5. Glacier Model RELIABLE TENT & TIPI   Based in Billings, Montana, they sell a full line of wall tents. And some very nice designs also. Pictured on the right is their "Glacier Tent". It is similar to their popular "Yellowstone" model. There is a lot of good information on this site really, like about tent fabrics and such.

    ►Reliable Tents and Tipis takes pride in outfitting outdoor enthusiasts with the best tent & tipi products available. We've been in business serving Montana and the Rocky Mountain region since 1945. We offer the highest quality craftsmanship in the construction of all our products, using the best canvas fabrics available. Please take a moment to look over the many different styles of tent and tipi products we offer. These canvas tents are known by many names. Whether you call them: Hunting tents, wall tents, mountain man tents, cabin tents, or platform tents, a Reliable Wall Tent fits the bill. Whatever you call them, all Reliable canvas tents are made to handle the toughest conditions that our outdoor enthusiast patrons can put them through. As you explore through this website,, you will find that we have named our tents after some of the great features of the mountains, Montana and Native American Tribes.◄
  6. Gigatent Mt Kinsman GIGATENT   Look under the "Family Tents" tab for larger dome type tents. They have some unique designs.

    ►We use materials that are heavier coated than most manufacturers. The coating on fabrics is measured in millimeters. Most of our competitors use a 450mm to 600mm coating on their tents and rain flys. Our tents use a 1200mm to 800mm coating on our rain flys, because the force generated by a storm is School Supplies greatest on the rain fly. We use an 800mm to 600mm coating on our tent bodies where the force is less direct and weaker. The thinner the coating the less pressure needed to push water through. The door zipper design used most in our tents is known as a Twin Track zipper. This means that there are 2 zippers for the door, a horizontal zipper and a slightly curving vertical zipper. The Twin Track design minimizes the curve to the vertical zipper which can cause the zipper to fail sooner than a straight one, it also allows for a larger and easier to enter doorway. The zippers we use for our doors are larger in size than most other manufacturers. We use only nickel plated zipper sliders on our tents which slide easier and last longer. Our family tents are specifically designed to give the user the most interior volume possible. By using a combination of steel and fiberglass poles we have combined the straight walls of the cabin tent with the free standing nature of the dome tent to give the camper the best of both tent designs. The free standing nature of most of out family tents makes them easier to position in a campsite. We use pin and ring attachments for our poles which are easy to replace should one require it. We use 19mm steel poles for most of our large family tents. The poles are cable corded together instead of chain corded to reduce the possibility of breakage. We use larger diameter poles and shock cord in most of our products than our competition uses.◄
  7. Blue Refugee Tent CANVAS AND TENT   This business i think is located in South Africa and they sell many neat looking military type tents (quonset hut style). Picture on the right is of their "Refugee Tent".

    Our Best Athletic Shoes ►Canvas and Tent is a world leader in the manufacture of canvas-related products. Establishes over 30 years ago, our clientele includes the military, humanitarian organizations, game reserves, safari destinations and adventurers. Located in Ladysmith at the foothills of South Africa's Drakensberg mountains, Canvas and Tent's factory employs people from the region. In our efforts to meet and exceed tolerance levels prescribed by the military we set new standards in the quality of canvas tent manufacturing. Our laboratory continues to research new and improved methods for curing, treating, laminating and strengthening canvas, enabling us to improve existing products and introduce new products with regularity, always adding value Canvas and Tent is a preferred supplier to the United Nations and other NGO's, and is registered with many of their divisions such as WHO, UNICEF, UNDP etc. We have participated in disaster relief supplies in South Africa, Turkey, Kosovo, DRC, Congo, Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia. Whether it's a custom designed tented safari camp in the heart of the African bush, a Mess tent designed for military usage in the desert or a fold-up bush shower, or any other canvas and PVC product, discerning users the world over prefer a Canvas and Tent brand every time!◄
  8. Outfitter Canvas Wall Tent EXPLORATION TENTS   These tents are made for those of you interested in the rugged outback and you need a sturdy home to live in while you're drillin' for oil, looking for diamonds and gold or just want a place to live. They also sell liquid fuel type tent stoves that run off of probably airplane fuel or kerosene. They sell wall tent frames, stoves, outfitter wall tents, and insulated wall tents. Also i should mention an important thing about these tents - you can get one with a washable interior, i.e. you can use a sponge and soapy water to clean the interior. "All tents will collect a gray dingy appearance after regular use and even more so if an accident with a back-drafted oil stove blows creosote into the interior. All other canvas insulated tents are impossible to clean after an accident or regular use, so ours are designed with a Breathable and Washable Interior Lining. This allows the interior to be washed with a simple soap solution and a sponge when they become soiled." ►At Exploration Tents and Arctic Camp Supplies we take pride in designing and selling tents that are precisely what the individual customer needs - professionally crafted and of the highest quality fabrics. We have 25 years of experience in Arctic and Sub-Arctic conditions; our tents and camp supplies are products that have been tested in some of the harshest environments on the planet. Over the years our staff has developed an understanding of the special requirements of companies and individuals working on a wide variety of mining and mineral exploration projects as well as tourism camp operations in northern Canada. During the current exploration boom, use our experience to your advantage. We design/build and supply products that will readily meet the needs of any camp. We can make your camp comfortable and efficient right from the start. In order to simplify your logistics we have agents in Whitehorse YK., Yellowknife NWT., and Prince Albert Saskatchewan - the major jump-off points for exploration in the north.◄
  9. Soul Pad Tents SOULPAD TENTS   These are 100% canvas tents based on a very old design.

    ►The original SoulPad (also known as a Sibley or Bell tent) is a sturdy type of tent whose walls are held up by a single central pole. Guy ropes are connected around the top of the walls and tensioned to hold the pole upright and keep the SoulPad’s elegant shape. They have a generous floor plan like a tipi, yurt or lavvu. A tried and tested 19th century design which has withstood the test of time. Can SoulPads be used as a permanent shelter? SoulPads are intended for regular, light, leisure use and it is our opinion that they do not make for a suitable permanent shelter. They are primarily a temporary structure. We are aware that some SoulPad customers do choose to use their SoulPad for long periods at a time, and in some instances as a permanent shelter (some with far more success than others). This is done so against our recommendation.◄
  10. Two Octogon Stoves KWIK KAMP STOVES   These are beautiful wood stoves made especially for your wall tent. Also, this business sells canvas wall tents suitable for long term living.

    ►The ultimate airtight wood burning camp stove. The Kwik Kamp camp stove has been designed and engineered for peak performance and longevity in the field. Our simple yet highly efficient stove design will give you incredibly long wood burn times with unparalleled BTU outputs. The heart of our camp stove is its octagon-shaped wood burning fire box. We use 12 gauge steel for the body of the stove and form it into the eight sided octagon shape. The unique design virtually eliminates any distortion or body warp. The back of the fire box is 12 gauge steel with an "X" cross break formed into the plate before stoves assembly. This break also helps to prevent warp. The top of our wall tent camping stove is 10 gauge steel and is assembled with hefty "strong back" braces on the under side. This engineering assures the top will remain flat, even with continual wide open high burns. Our stove door is fabricated with 12 gauge steel and utilizes a fiberglass rope seal around the entire perimeter. Not only does the rope seal give the stove its air tight fire box but the channel we use to position the seal also strengthens the door immensely. We chose a round spin draft damper system on the door for ease of operation. An air baffle placed behind the draft damper assures there will be no hot sparks leaving the front of the stove through the damper slots. The positive locking door latch features a decorative wood handle to open and close door. Best of all our new stove does not require the use of a damper in the stove pipe. You only need to regulate the airflow coming into the fire box with the door damper. You can even extinguish the fire in the stove if the door damper is shut off completely (a plus when you want to conserve on wood). The camp stove legs are constructed of a heavy round pipe with a course thread insert in one end. The legs thread into inserts on the bottom of the stove. A course thread allows for an easy insert even when threads are dirty. Both stove sizes have 5in pipe openings on the tops of the stoves. The pipe ring is recessed inside the stove giving you a flat stove top for easy for packing. We offer a 28 gauge galvanized tapered stove pipe set for use on our stoves. Each pipe set comes with five 22in long sections. The pipe graduates slightly larger with each section. (5in diameter at stove to 6in diameter at end of last pipe). When disassembled each pipe will invert and slide inside the next. You only have one length of pipe to pack (fits inside stove). Our pipe uses a spot welded seam instead of a lock seam. This makes for a better fit and reduces the chance of smoke leakage at each joint. The optional warming trays can attach to either side of the camp stove making it more adjustable to fit in your wall tent. These trays are made out of 12 gauge steel and insert into pre-punched holes on the side of the stove. Because both stoves are made the same length (24in long) the side tray will fit any of the two stove sizes. The tray extends the cooking surface an additional 8in wider (place two trays on and gain another 16in). Our stainless steel water tanks will also fit any Kwik Kamp Stove. They may be placed on either side (or both sides if desired) of the stove. The tank holds 3 gallons of water and comes with a brass ball valve. The top of the tank is hinged to open for easy filling. The dimensional size of the tank allows it to fit inside any of our two stoves. With our extensive testing we are able to give you specific burn times and BTU outputs for each stove size. We are confident you will agree this is the finest wood burning stove on the market.◄
  11. Goodwin-Cole Tent GOODWIN-COLE   They have some cool tent designs, check them out. Picture on the right is of their Elk Hunter Tent 12ft X 12ft.

    ►Goodwin-Cole Co. has been producing canvas products since before the turn of the century. We began in Kansas City in 1888 and migrated to California in 1920, settling in Sacramento. Our company now serves Californians and others throughout the western United States. Today, we have a state-of-the-art factory at 8320 Belvedere Avenue in Sacramento. The company fabricates awnings, tents, tarpaulins, covers, specialty bags, shade sails, and other textile products. These items, for the home and industry, are made from natural or synthetic textile fabrics. As a related service, we rent all sizes of canopy tents. Summer or winter, our tents can help make your outdoor party a success. Large tents, for sale or rent, are available for commercial use.◄
  12. Canvas Wall Tent DELUXE WALL TENTS   Here’s what looks like another top quality Canadian company. They sell also the following tent accessory items: Tent Frames, Wood Stoves, Diesel Heaters, Cots, Game Bags, Tarps, Bedrolls, Bear Fence, & Used Tents.

    ►At Deluxe Wall Tents we know what an excellent home away from home a top quality canvas wall tent can provide. Our tents and frames have been used across Canada from B.C. to Newfoundland and as far north as Baffin Island. Whether you are hunting, fishing or camping you will find that our products will provide you with a warm and very comfortable camp. We stand behind our products. If for any reason you are not totally satisfied when you receive your order simply return it unused for a full refund. Always thoroughly dry the tent before storing it and it will provide you with a lifetime of great memories.◄
  13. Black Pine Escape Tent FAMILY TENT CAMPING   They have a large selection of livable large tents for the individual or family camper. The picture on the right is of their "Black Pine Escape 5 Turbo Tent". "Our Difference- specializes in family size camping tents."

    ►Based in Illinois, where camping is a primary recreation for family & friends, hanging out around the campfire, sharing stories and building memories that will last a lifetime. strives to offer the highest quality family camping tents and premium outdoor gear to enhance your family camping experience. With over 30 years of camping experience, our commitment to family camping ensures a safe place to shop while receiving the highest customer satisfaction with our products and customer service. We are confident your love for the outdoors will be enhanced with our top name brand camping tents and new essential gear line featuring sleeping bags, camping cots, screen tents, shower/privacy tents and canopies. At Family Tent Camping we understand your family camping tent is the most important piece of camping equipment. Whether you have a small family or large family, check out our exclusive line of large tents and Screen Tents. Black Pine Sports make the toughest and funnest tents in the market, Wenzel Family Tents legendary quality, Turbo Tents with it’s revolutionary Pop up Family Tent design for set up in less than 1 minute! Paha Que Tents backed by a lifetime warranty, Winchester Tents & Gigatents provide a great Family Tent value for the price, Kodiak Canvas Tents features cotton duck canvas with Hydra Shield for maximum performance and Eureka Tents with it’s reputation for long lasting Family camping tent performance. Whether you are a seasoned tent camper or just getting started with your first family camping tent, you can count on us as your reliable source for your family tent needs. Our Large tents and Companion Trailers are designed and tested to go where your family camping adventures take you!◄
  14. Sheridan Canvas Tent SHERIDAN TENT & AWNING   You can order their tents and other items online. They are based in Sheridan, Wyoming.

    ►Manufacturing of custom canvas products for over 80 years: Camping Tents, Wall Tents, Tepees, Cowboy Range Tents, Custom Hand Bags, Duffel Bags, Camp Stoves, Shoulder Straps, Panniers, Saddlebags, Water Buckets, Rope Bags, Back Packs, Flags, Tarps, Covers, etc. Located in Sheridan, Wyoming at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains, Sheridan Tent and Awning Company has been manufacturing canvas products since 1924. Family owned and operated. Our products - tents, tepees, custom bags, luggage, flags, western bags, custom hockey bags, specialty bags - are made of high quality materials, all the way down to the brass zipper and the fine stitching! We offer a variety of custom bags, tents, awnings, tarps in all shapes, sizes and colors. Our product line also includes the popular Sims Camping Stoves, providing home away from home cooking for any camping adventure or hunting trips. If you don't see it online, come visit us in our store at 128 N. Brooks in Sheridan, Wyoming or use our Contact Form to let us know what you are looking for.◄
  15. Portable Wood Stove No. 2346 PORTABLE MILITARY WOOD STOVE-2346   This is a nice looking well made high star rated 30lb hand carry wood stove. Also, the link here is going to for your buying convenience.

    ►This is a great stove you can use to cook your dinner, dry your gear, heat your shelter, or just warm your hands and feet on a cold winter's night. Safer than an open fire. Small enough to transport in your car and hand carry to your campsite.
    The ample cook top space gives you room to cook up lots of tasty dishes. When you're not cooking, you can rotate the cook top outward to dry wet socks and gloves. In areas where open fires are not permitted this portable stove could be a handy item to have. A great gift idea for your favorite camper, fisherman (great for ice-fishing), hunter, or lover of wood-burning stoves. Condition: New Item No. STOVE-2364 There's more: * Four (17 1/2" long × 2 1/2in diameter) interlocking flue pipe sections * Spark arrestor for added safety * Stove can be used in an outfitters tent with a stove pipe vent. * Removable legs (15-1/2in long) * Removable dual side cooking tubes can be used for baking potatoes, foil meals, etc. * The stove has front and rear air flow regulators and an easy access bottom ash clean-out. * Stove tools included * Stove pipe cap * Super strong rolled steel construction * Sets up in minutes * Top grate is hinged and doubles as a carrying handle when stove is not in use. * Stove pipes, side tubes, legs, and tools all fit inside stove for easy transport. * Grate folds to provide flat heating surface on top of stove and can be folded out for drying gloves, socks, and small items. Burns wood, compressed logs, charcoal or any convenient combustible * Measures: 18in long × 10 1/4in wide × 11in tall * Stands 26 1/2in with Extension legs * Weight 30lbs if used indoors, stove must be properly vented and installed.◄
  16. Rainier Wall Tents RAINIER TENTS   This site has some neat stuff.
    Check out their "Rainier Tahoma 11 Canvas Cottage". Very beautiful and maybe you would prefer their "Cottage" instead of a wall tent.

    ►Meet the Rainier Wall Tent from Rainier Industries. It has survived unchanged for a century because it guarantees effective protection from the rain or snow, longer camping seasons and real satisfaction in your outdoor experience. Skilled, experienced craftsmen expertly finish each tent. You will find that much of the difference is in the details. Each tent includes important features such as roped eaves, reinforced corners, brass grommets, reinforced ridgepole openings at both peak ends and a full overlapping door.◄
  17. Vogelzang Barrel Stove Kit VOGELZANG BARREL STOVE KIT   This Model is the #BK100E. It has been said that you might have to use a round file to enlarge the air intake draft hole so you can maintain a normal fire in this stove. Or you may need to drill 4 more 3/4in holes directly under the draft holes. You will need to purchase a 30 gallon drum somewhere to complete this stove. You can check with your local metal recycler, the drum does not need to be new, just in good condition. I think i would shy away from using a drum which was used to store some kind of strong poisonous chemical. Drums used to store most petroleum products should be OK but do a "Trial Burn" in an outdoor area first to burn off any remaining residual oil or chemical before installing in your home or shelter. You can paint these drums using "Stove Paint" or some other heat resistant paint or high temperature spray paint. High temp spray paint is easy to find. It has been my experience that using these stoves in a safe manner can save a person a lot of money in heating bills. You can find free junk wood to burn at many places like even behind the Home Depot where they store both unwanted junk pallets along with good reusable ones. Sometimes businesses have to pay a refundable "Deposit or Pallet Charge" on loaded pallets shipped to them and of course they are not going to give you those pallets. Ask the store manager before removing any wood pallets from any business property. They will usually let you have the bad ones suitable for firewood for free.

    ►This 100% cast iron kit converts any 30 or 55 gallon drum into an efficient wood-burning heater. Includes 2 legs, 6in. damper collar and an 11in. x 10in. feed-door. Low side unit puts out 40,000 BTU. Wide open high side unit puts out 150,000 BTU. Door measures 11in. x 10in. with adjustable vent. Barrel NOT included.◄
  18. Trek Tents Canvas Wall Tent TREK TENTS   This appears to me to be a lower line of tent for those of you wishing to keep the cost low and the quality low also. These tents may not be suitable for 4 season living if that is your intention. These tents are available on Amazon and a lot of other places around the internet. They are probably in the same class as Wenzel and Texsport.

    ►The Outdoor Stores is located in Dallas, Texas. I am the Owner and i am The Outdoor Guy! I started The Outdoor Stores because it was always difficult to find the time to go hunting, i felt if I can't go hunting or fishing I would do the next best thing, and that was to start a business dealing with all the products necessary for hunting, fishing and camping. The idea took off and in December 2000 The Outdoor Stores was born, I still cannot find the time to hunt, fish and camp like I want but I am in my element and a much happier person. I enjoy this business so much I cannot believe I waited so long. The intent was to offer my fellow hunting, fishing and camping buddies products at an affordable price. We have grown so much since this business was launched and we are still growing. 2004 - 2006 were banner years for The Outdoor Stores as our sales have quadrupled and we have had difficulty keeping up with the demand. We are in for another record year in 2007 and are hard at work to make sure that we have the quality products our customers are looking for. We encourage our members and everyone to send us your comments or suggestions on how we can better serve you. All suggestions are reviewed personally by me The Outdoor Guy and I strive to implement any idea’s that may help us perform our work in a more efficient manner.◄
  19. Bravo Wall Tents BRAVO! WALL TENTS   This appears to me to possibly be a good tent to consider for full time tent living, if you are so inclined to doing so.

    ►Our canvas wall tents are built to last! Whether you are looking for an existing model or a custom design to fit your camp, you will find the most up-to-date models at a price you can afford. Bravo! Super Grade Wall Tents are designed and built by elk hunters for elk hunters. Our design features include: A full 9ft ridge and 5ft sidewall for a steeper pitch; double stitched 4in eves with "D" rings instead of grommets to avoid pullout; storm flap and buckles over an industrial strength brass door zipper (instead of plastic door zippers found on common tents); doors can be buckled wide open; triangulated reinforcements at critical stress areas; and 2500lbs breaking strength web loops that can hold an honest tent stake. The Bravo! Super Grade Wall Tent is built with four layer interlocking body seams for superior strength, water repellency and finished appearance(as there are no raw edges). As a bonus our tents also finish at the said length when they leave the shop, making them larger than a cut size tent. Of all the many materials to build from for our Super Grade Wall Tents we prefer only one: Specifically called 10.38oz. Sunforger® Marine Boat shrunk Army Duck. This is the very best tent material on the market, Bar None! Regular duo fill canvas and Marine Canvas can be compared to the differences between regular plywood and marine plywood.◄
  20. Davis Tent DAVIS TENT   This is a well known Colorado tent making company.

    ►Davis Tent is a family owned wall tent manufacturer; we learned from our father and now our adult aged kids learn the tent trade from us. You will not find another tent manufacturer on earth that stands behind their product more than we do and we have striven through three generations to improve every outdoor product that we make. At Davis Tent we not only take and implement your ideas but we are hunters, fishermen and avid outdoor enthusiast’s in our own right. That’s what makes every item we manufacturer the best the outdoor business has to offer. Standard on our tents are a number of features that other companies charge extra for, but which we consider a necessity. They are: Stove jack, sod cloth, zippered door, ridge pole sleeves, ropes with tensioner, and steel stakes. Options include windows, screen door, additional door, storm flap, awnings, porches etc. With reinforcement at all stress points you're sure to get many years of enjoyment and service from our canvas tents. We have several mules and the best part of our job is to field test our camp tents and pack equipment. We feel this is vital in knowing what is functional and what is expected of our products. Put our products through your own test we feel you will agree. Our workmanship and products are unequaled.◄
  21. Alaska Tent ALASKA TENT & TARP   These people make and sell some very nice unique tents. Be sure to check out their "Arctic Oven" model, pictured at the right; notice the stove pipe in the upper right hand area of the picture. A four season tent which can be used anywhere. "These tents really shine in winter conditions, but they are a superb spring, summer and fall tent as well."

    ►Our wall tents are made in Alaska with the rigors of the Arctic environment in mind. Standard features include 1) ridgepole openings at both ends; 2) rope reinforced eaves; 3) reinforced corners; 4) tie grommets around the bottom of the tent; 5) overlapping door flaps with ties. A white translucent fly is available, but we recommend you compare the cost of our Arctic Oven to see if it will serve as well or better. We make basic wall tents . . . You decide what to put on it . . . And we will customize it for your needs.◄

  22. Montana Canvas MONTANA CANVAS   From the looks of their website they have some nice tent designs. Also, they sell a tipi model. They sell: Spike Tents, Wall Tents, Blend Tents, Stoves, & Tent Screen Doors & Windows, Tent Frames & Floors, Sleeping Bag Cover - Bedroll Combination, & Tent Divider. This is probably another option for those interested or contemplating full time tent living.

    ►Montana Canvas is located in Southwest Montana, just north of Yellowstone National Park, a perfect place to test our products. Our commitment to quality is second to none. We are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality camping equipment and accessories. At the same time, we strive to keep our prices competitive, so you receive the highest value when you purchase from Montana Canvas. Canvas Tent Standard features: Determine the standard features canvas tents have that you are considering and the cost of additional features/options you want. Most canvas tent buyers want at the minimum these standard features: Front door with zipper, Stove jack, 10ft - 12ft vinyl sod cloth to keep canvas tents clean and sealed against the ground, Rope with tensioners & Tent stakes. Canvas Tent cost comparison: If the canvas tents you are considering purchasing do not have the standard features listed above, you need to add the costs of those features to the price of the tent before you can make a valid tent comparison. Some tent manufacturers list common standard features as options to increase the price of the tent from an initial low advertising price. Recommendations: I would recommend a back door w/zipper for cross ventilation for hot weather. Being in a canvas tent w/out a back door or window is miserable during hot weather. I would strongly recommend a tent bag to keep your tent clean during hauling and storage. If you are not sure about a feature I would probably add it. It is much cheaper to add features while the tent is under construction compared to costs after you take delivery. Color of tent: I would strongly encourage you purchase a tent that is a color that meets your requirements. White reflects lantern light much better than off white or colored tents. White shows the dirt faster than a colored tent. A colored tent will be warmer in colder conditions for it will not reflect the UV rays. This is more of a personal preference more than anything. Use your best judgment. Purchasing a large tent: Large canvas tents, 14'x16' to 16'x24' can weigh from 90 - 120 pounds and can be very difficult to set-up. Consider purchasing a blend tent, with its canvas roof and synthetic lightweight Relite walls. The blend tent weighs much less than an all canvas tent making it much easier to handle and set-up. The blend tent with its lightweight Relite walls is just as durable and weatherproof as all canvas tents.◄
  23. Cabelas CABELAS   Cabela’s has a good selection of tents period. They have wall tents and their own special designs. For the person interested in full time tent living this might be a good place to shop. They guarantee their products. And have been a very dependable company as far as my personal experience goes.

    ►The next generation in the Outfitter Series tents has enhanced safety features and user-friendly updates that take it to a whole new level. Sidewall condensation vents now have hook-and-loop closures all around the perimeter for better ventilation control. Three large multi-panel windows each have a zippered cover, a clear vinyl window that zips out of the way, and a mesh screen for added ventilation. The stove jack is covered by a storm flap that now rolls down to avoid contact with the piping, so it won't melt the material. Sizes still include the 12ft x 12ft and 12ft x 20ft, and the new 13ft x 27ft. The 12ft x 12ft model with 4ft walls and an angled roof window comfortably sleeps six, with plenty of room for a stove. Our 12ft x 20ft model sports all the room of a traditional wall tent with extra-tall 5ft walls for more headroom around the edges. The 12ft x 20ft. tent is also equipped with two large doors for easy entry and exit, and two center support poles for added stability. The 13ft x 27ft has the most interior space in the Alaknak series, making it perfect for large party hunters or base camp. It has an impressive 11-person sleeping capacity, 5ft walls, two large doors, two offset center poles and one exterior center pole. Rugged, waterproof 250-denier polyester oxford X-Treme Tent Cloth has a high tear strength and resists punctures for lasting reliability. 10 perimeter tent poles keep the sidewalls from blowing in and add rigidity in high winds, so you can camp comfortably knowing you're protected. The heavy-duty No. 10 YKK® zippers and inverted T-style door makes entering and exiting the tent easy. Plus, it’s backed by a screen door, so you can let cool breezes in while keeping bugs out. The attached awning boasts a frame that comes down from the peak of the tent and directs runoff away from the door for superior protection in the wettest weather. The sidewalls have unique fold-down shelves that sport cup holders to eliminate spilled beverages and gear pockets to hold gear. The floor has a zip-open panel for safe placement and stove use. Tent sets up quickly and easily. Includes 12in steel stakes, guy ropes and a large zip-close storage bag.◄
  24. Ken’s Tents KEN’S CUSTOM TENT & CANVAS   This is an interesting situation. This business was started when the man was unemployed and low on funds. Nice selection of wall tents. "Ken’s Custom Tent & Canvas specialize in rugged outdoor equipment... Wall tents, range teepees, square pyramid tents, tent accessories, camping gear and much more."

    ►Our wall tents are made of heavy 12.6oz. Sunforger® Army Duck Canvas, as well as top quality thread and zippers. Sunforger® is a preshrunk, mildew treated water repellent double-fill canvas. Magnum Canvas Wall Tent It is the best 100% cotton tent canvas on the market. They are reinforced at all corners and eaves and are guaranteed to last a lifetime with proper care! As with all canvas products, wall tents must be thoroughly dry before storing to prevent mildew damage. A 9 FT addition off the front of the tent is called a "cook shack" and is basically a complete tent or "room" except it does not have a back wall. Matching cook shacks are available for each size of tent. Ken’s Custom Tent & Canvas has been in business since 1993. It is owned and operated by Ken and Sylvia Bahem of Homedale, Idaho. Prior to starting this endeavor, Ken worked as a camp tender in the sheep business. He saw lots of different equipment, most of which could use a little improvement. This kindled his interest in canvas work. Coming from the livestock industry, hours were long and the pay was poor, and good equipment was expensive. Ken decided to try making some of the canvas products himself. He and Sylvia purchased a sewing machine for $480. This was significant because he was currently unemployed and had to get a line of credit to get started. He began making saddle bags and horse packing equipment for himself and friends. It was a year before Ken decided to make a tent. He displayed it at a Lion’s Club activity on the 4th of July and a couple persuaded him to part with his first tent. That started the business. In the spring they moved into Homedale. A year and a half later, they purchased 6 1/2 acres south of town at the corner of Highway 95 and West Market. The business has changed dramatically - from the basement in a rented house to a 3,100 square foot shop with two full-time employees.◄
  25. Surplus Military Tent MOUNTAIN GEAR SURPLUS SALES   Wow! This place has really got the tents if you believe their pictures on their website. Their inventory range is from small personal shelters to mammoth tents capable of sheltering very large groups of people. You can buy online with MasterCard.

    ►Est. 1997 in Asheville, western North Carolina, We Are The Largest Supplier of Surplus Military Tents In the USA.
    Yes, all our tents are genuine original US Military Issue & include all ropes, rope slips, zippers, window & door screens, etc.◄

  26. Red Hawk Wall Tent REDHAWK-TRADING   This business manufactures tents that are called "period correct". That means no zippers are used nor mosquito netting. You the viewer of this website will have to decide for yourself if their products suit your needs. In addition to wall tents they sell other types of canvas tents and canvas by-the-yard. Included in their inventory are the following types of tents: Baker tent, Wedge Tent, Indian Tipi, Pyramid Tent, Marquee Tent, & Storage Tent. Plus they sell yardage: 100% 12oz cotton canvas & 10.10oz. army duck that has been treated with a product called Sunforger®. It is a water repellent, mildew resistant, and fire retardant which meets CPAI-84 requirements. The finished weight of this canvas is approximately 12oz. per yard.

    ►Here at Red Hawk Trading, we take a great deal of pride in our tent and tipi products. We are a family business and have been involved in the manufacturing of wall tents and mountain-man-style tents for more than 26 years. Your Outfitter for rendezvous, and renaissance camping tents and tipis (teepees, tipi, teepee). We also have great tent stoves and mountain-man and camping supplies. We strive to maintain the highest quality of workmanship possible. Our methods have proven so effective that other manufactures have copied them. Dealing with us is simple and straightforward. All seams are sewn with a 3/4 inch flat felt-locking seam. Side walls are five foot, a wear strip down the middle for the ridge pole, a sod cloth on all walls including the doors, reinforced stake loops, reinforced corners. The awning shown in the picture is optional. All sizes are cutout sizes. Tents will finish smaller.◄
  27. Portable Tent Platform TENT PLATFORM   This link takes you to the best site i could find that gives tent platform building instructions. Unfortunately the pictures showing the steps involved are not visible.

    If i were going to set up a cabin tent in the forest or woods to live in the first thing i would do is to build a wood platform to set the tent on. After you have built the platform coat it with a wood preservative. Then I would coat the platform with a solution of 2 parts paint thinner or turpentine and 1 part boiled linseed oil. A 2:1 mixture. Or stated another way: 2/3 paint thinner or turpentine and 1/3 boiled linseed oil. For example you could mix two quarts of paint thinner with one quart boiled linseed oil - that is a 2:1 mixture. You can substitute any quantity like cups or gallons. Let the coating dry. Be sure to dispose of any rags you have used wiping the linseed oil/paint thinner mixture properly because a wadded up rag can spontaneously combust into fire or flames. Then probably top coat the platform with some kind of outdoor paint. Let it dry then set up your tent. You could install eye hooks around the edge of the platform for any tie downs you might like to add for securing the tent to the platform. You might consider draping a large brown or green plastic tarp over the entire tent to help protect against any rain.

    ►This tent platform, designed for Outdoor Life, features a 2x4 frame covered in ½-inch-thick exterior-grade plywood. The really cool thing about this project is that the platform is completely portable: It can be erected and disassembled using only a screwdriver and hammer, and it folds up to fit in the back of most pickup trucks. This 12- by 16-foot platform accommodates a 10- by 12-foot canvas wall tent. The extra 4 feet in front creates a small "front porch" that allows you to get out of the tent without stepping onto the ground. A detailed building plan of the platform is available online. Lumber and hardware will cost $450 to $500.◄
  28. The White Wall Tent CANVAS CABINS   Located in Hillsboro Oregon this business specializes in wall tents only. That’s all they do - just tents!

    ►Finest Wall Tents Made Anywhere. Buying a wall tent is a sizable investment and we know you want the most bang for the buck. With that thought in mind, we've studied older tents that we've repaired and have incorporated the best features into ours while improving or reinforcing other areas. This makes ours a tent that is truly engineered to last. Bottom line: You can not find a better wall tent anywhere. And we guarantee it. Canvas Cabins are custom made in our shop in the Chehalem Mountains, just outside of Newberg, Oregon. Our competitive advantage: Our low overhead shop lets us give you the lowest price around. We make wall tents, and that’s all we do. We don't make backpacks, boat covers, or awnings. Our focus on producing one product only allows us to use the most modern production methods to greatly reduce labor costs while ensuring that our tents are always of the highest quality. Using just one material means we can buy in large quantities at the best possible price. Oregon has no sales tax! That means lower material costs for us, and a lower overall price to you! You buy direct from us, the manufacturer. All these advantages add up to the best wall tent in the world, at the world's best prices. Quite frankly, we can't understand why anyone would ever buy a wall tent anywhere else. We'd love to hear from you! Contact us today!◄
  29. Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Sample TENT FLOOR COVERING FROM AMAZON   It has been suggested that you should consider using Indoor/Outdoor carpeting for your tent floor. That sounds like a good idea to me. This link here takes you to the Amazon website Indoor/Outdoor carpet page where you can view their selection. The Amazon carpet is one of the reasonably priced carpets as far as i can tell and may actually be perfect for a tent floor because of it's low cost and adequate quality. Always remember to buy carpet with polypropylene backing, not jute backing.

    ►This inexpensive grass carpet is your answer to those concrete areas that need that little extra touch. This carpet is so easy to clean and maintain. A customer review: "I use this product on my deck and it withstands the weather and elements very well. Nice to walk bare foot on it. I also use it underneath my lawn furniture that's on the ground. Looks nice and lasts and keeps its beauty. Recommend this product to others."◄

    1. 100% Olefin cut pile grass carpet.
    2. UV protectant helps prevent carpet from fading over time.
    3. Appropriate for residential use.

  30. Outdoor Carpet TENT FLOOR COVERING FROM AMAZON   This is another dependable source for quality Indoor/Outdoor carpet for your tent floor.

    ►Forget about the green-turf carpets that you saw in the 1970s: With a large selection of colors and textures now available, Indoor/Outdoor carpet is much more than that. An intermediate-level do-it-yourselfer can tackle the installation in one day. You might have to rent a carpet-roller, but the tight seal it will provide will make it worth the minor expense. For easy-to-clean, fade- and stain-resistant carpet, choose material made from UV-resistant olefin fibers. Indoor/Outdoor carpet is available in varying grades of quality, color and weave. Do the touch test-the thicker the carpet feels, the higher the grade and durability. For areas that are prone to dampness or fully exposed to weather, make sure the carpet has an all-weather "marine" backing for moisture resistance. Economy grade grass carpet is good for all indoor areas and covered outdoor areas with low traffic. High grade grass carpet is good for all indoor areas and fully-exposed outdoor areas. High grade grass carpet with marine backing is best for fully exposed outdoor areas. Mid-grade plush carpet is good for indoor installation and covered outdoor areas with low traffic. High grade plush carpet is good for indoor installation and covered outdoor areas. Berber loop carpet with marine backing is best for indoor installation, especially in basements and other areas prone to moisture. Indoor/Outdoor carpet can be loose-laid or adhered to concrete, asphalt or wood decking with glue or double-faced tape. The main requirement is that the surface be clean, dry and smooth. You'll need to apply outdoor sealer to painted or waxed wood and slotted wooden decks. Indoor/Outdoor carpet is available in 6ft and 12ft widths. Indoor/Outdoor carpet is very easy to install on a prepared surface. For the best results, install carpet when the temperature is between 55 F and 95 F and the humidity is between 10 percent and 65 percent. Use two-sided tape for lower grade carpet and Indoor/Outdoor adhesive for higher grade.◄
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