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  1. Losberger Rapid Deployment System Tent LOSBERGER RDS   This listing here is kind of "Combo" listing because i am including two separate businesses in this write-up. First, is the supplier of the tent shown in the picture at the right. And that is "Armed Forces International". I think they are an authorized distributor for the European company called: "Losberger" a large tent manufacturer and they do make very big tents for large scale military and commercial use. Actually, if it weren't for the tent pictured on the right, i would not include them here. Losberger RDS (Rapid Deployment system) produces an extensive range of rapid deployment shelters for the use of aid agencies, military forces and rescue services all over the world. Whether or not a private individual can purchase just one of these tents is something i do not know.

    ►Losberger Rapid Deployment Systems is known worldwide for its activities in the provision of deployable shelters. Under the names Losberger Rapid Deployment Systems SAS and Losberger RDS GmbH the company provides their deployable shelters for a range of applications. Examples for the use of Losberger shelters include safe accommodation, kitchens, laundries and medical facilities for civilians affected by natural disasters or displaced by war. Losberger also provide mobile shelters for military forces. These shelters can be used in the same way as the shelters for civilians but can also be used for the safe storage and / or maintenance of military vehicles, aircrafts and equipment. Structures for military use can also feature a camouflage pattern to avoid detection by enemy forces.◄
  2. Bell Tent called BellePad PODPADS   Here is a business located in the United Kingdom which seems to specialize in using canvas with wood doors and wood platforms creating a combination wall tent & wood living quarters. I am not sure what they do, but it seems they set up these Pod Pads in different locations which have some sort of festival or special event going on. Groups of people rent these units for their special event. But now you can buy some of these for your own personal use. Picture on the right is of their Bell Tent model: "BellePad".

    ►Boutique/Alternative/Posh/Fancy Camping or simply Glamping: Call it what you like – but, staying with Podpads will give you that unforgettable smug, snug experience of camping contentment. We have 7 different styles of accommodation to suit your personal requirements. Catering for different size parties, budgets and expectations, all our "pads" are pre-pitched in a bespoke area, which will have 24 hour security, decent toilets & showers (festival dependent). This year podpads will be at over 50 festivals across the UK and Europe. From the music worlds of Dance to Jazz, from Rock to Folk, sporting events from Kite Surfing to Horse Riding and countries covering the UK and Europe from Ireland to Norway to Croatia.◄
  3. Round Pavillion Tent MOHAMMAD BAKHASH SONS   This business is located in Sialkot, Pakistan. They manufacture many mostly military related products, tent making is just one of them. They sell single pole tents, rectangular tents, party tents, trade stall tents, bargandian tents, refugee tents, Hoody's Salted-In-The-Shell Peanuts marquee gs universal tents, & round pavillion tents (bell tents). Picture on the right is of their "round pavillion tent".

    ►Our web page to introduce our firm which was established in 1864. Our products are manufactured on most up to date principles with due regard to the modern requirements. Our best services and prompt execution of orders combined with our rich experience gained years & years of service in the trade has enabled us to established our reputation. We always keeping in view the convenience and the satisfaction of our customers. Please ask for the prices in which you are interested and we will be of service to you, and thanking you for visiting our web site. Regards. Mohammad Bakhash Sons.◄
  4. White Canvas tent GRAYS CANVAS PRODUCTS   This British company has many products not related to canvas tents, but they also do wall tents and tipis. I imagine they are real good craftsman and can probably do anything.

    ►All canvas products are cut, stitched and assembled at our premises in Blackwater, Isle of Wight. We have the expertise to create custom-made canvas products of all kinds - from canopies to trailer covers, barbecue covers to a bespoke exhibition tent. Our 14ft ridge tents are based on the original military design and made out of 12oz canvas that is rot, flame and water resistant. All our ridge tents come with the appropriate certification. Our standard color is white although we have a selection of colors available. Whatever your canvas covering requirement, the chances are Grays Canvas Products can meet it, to your exact specifications.◄
  5. AAA Wall Canvas Wall Tents KIRKHAM’S OUTDOOR PRODUCTS   These people sell high quality wall tents plus their own style tent. This is a good site. They sell AAA canvas wall tents, camping gear, plus their own special design the "Springbar Tent". They are located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    ►Our deluxe AAA wall tents are built to your specifications! Choose from three weights of superior double-fill 100% cotton canvas and many custom features. Made with pride in our Salt Lake City factory, with no compromise in materials or workmanship, for over sixty years. We have built these rugged tents designed to handle the most punishing conditions. If you need the toughest, most weather worthy canvas tent on the planet, you've come to the right place. These tents are ideal for cold weather hunting with a wood-burning stove inside. Traditional users include herders and outfitters, who challenge the durability of these tents in long-term use and severe conditions. Geologists and archaeologists use our wall tents for prolonged field research in environments ranging from windswept plains, to alpine forests, to brutal deserts. Scout organizations leave our wall tents out in the weather all summer long — year after year. We invite you to compare our features and construction with other wall tent makers. We're confident that when you add it all up, you'll agree that AAA canvas wall tents are second to none when it comes to quality, ruggedness, long-term durability and value for your dollar.◄

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  6. Kwik Kamp KWIK KAMP   They are located in Milton Freewater, Oregon manufacturing canvas wall tents. They sell 3 different types of internal tent frames depending on your needs.
    Good tent frame department.

    Handmade Products On Amazon
    ►Kwikkamp is proud to offer a line of innovative Canvas Wall Tents, strong internal wall tent frames, the "Octagon" wood burning tent stoves and other outdoor products designed to make your camping trips comfortable and enjoyable. You can also use our tent frames for a shade awning/canopy for summer gatherings. We have created what we believe is "The Ultimate Wall Tent". The Kwik Kamp Outfitter Tent is loaded with unique features for the hunting trips or as an extended stay camping tent. At Kwik Kamp we manufacture our tents with 5ft walls and use today’s quality canvas fabrics. Our tents are assembled utilizing the latest design and manufacturing technology for extra durability. Kwik Kamp wall tents are great for hunting and camping, and durable enough for your long pack trips and outfitter excursions. With your Kwik Kamp canvas wall tent you will keep warm and dry on those cold snowy or rainy nights, while you can open the tent door and windows on those warm days to let in a nice breeze. Add a window in one or more of the walls. All of our wall tents finish at the full floor size, providing you with a tent that is approximately 10% larger than the competition’s "Cut Size" tents.◄
  7. Western Wall Tents WESTERN WALL TENTS   This company is located in Missoula Montana. I have added the following information from their website as a
    source of education for you the viewer of this webpage. These tents are probably suitable for full time living.

    ►We work with the leading manufacturers of canvas wall tents, wood stoves, and camping gear in order to bring you the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. Our wall tents are world-renowned and perfect for your outdoor activities such as elk hunting, deer hunting, scout camp, rendezvous re-enactment, Civil War re-enactment or just camping with the family! The most popular canvas weight for tent making is 10oz canvas. Most of our wall tents are made from canvas. Canvas is a cotton-based material that breathes well and provides insulation. Ultra-light synthetic materials such as Relite are available if weight is an issue. However these materials rarely breathe as well as canvas, and provide little insulation because they are so thin. Our recommendation is a 10oz canvas if you want lightweight, and a 12oz if durability is more important than weight. This refers to the weight of the canvas per square yard before any type of treatment is added. Treatment can add 10-40% more weight to the canvas. The 10oz canvas is a nice compromise between strength and tent weight. Although the old 17oz army tents were definitely durable, it usually took an army to set one up because they were so heavy! Most people want a lighter tent that is easier to pack and set up. Few companies are making heavier tents these days. However, a 12oz canvas provides more durability and insulation than a 10oz canvas. Our line of "MAGNUM Tents" are made with 12oz preshrunk army duck canvas. The downside is that it is 20% heavier than 10oz canvas. About tent floors: A sewn-in floor makes it very difficult to set a tent up with an internal frame. Furthermore, it also makes for a difficult escape should you need to leave your tent in a hurry. Therefore, we normally sell floors that are separate from the tent and can be staked down or snapped to the tent walls. Alternatively, you can buy outdoor carpeting or a canvas tarp from your local hardware store to use as a floor. About what tent size to buy: We recommend 30 SF for each person, 30 SF for a wood stove, and/or 30 SF for each table; so this figures out for 1 person, 1 stove & 1 table; a 10ftx10ft tent would be minimum size requirement. This allows for plenty of room to move around in the tent. If you just want to pack people in for sleeping purposes, you can get away with 20 SF per person.◄
  8. Beckel Canvas BECKEL CANVAS   These people sell high quality wall tents from their business located in Portland Oregon. Actually, they sell all kinds of neat items made from cotton canvas along with a variety of different tent types. They have been in business for quite awhile.

    ►Welcome to Beckel Canvas Products. As the second generation of Beckels I want to welcome old friends and introduce us to new ones with our long awaited new website. You will notice a quite a few changes and some of the items you are used to seeing may be missing. But don't worry, if there is something you are looking for and don't see it, just let us know. Chances are we can still make or get it for you. To order any of our products please contact us by e-mail or phone us at 1-800-237-3362 and we'll be happy to assist you.◄
  9. Alaskan Stove KNI-CO MANUFACTURING   Looks to me like a very nice stove for your wall tent. And these people are correct in my opinion - a wood stove heats best in a tent or other canvas shelter. Picture on the right is of their "Alaskan Stove".

    ►Our lightweight camp stoves will make camping in the cold just like snuggling around your wood stove at home. Camp fires are great, until the wind starts blowing and the sleet starts pounding into your freezing body. You go into your tent and fire up that little propane heater which raises the temperature a whole half a degree. You are miles from the nearest road and you'll have to stay in camp to ride out this storm. There is no need to climb into your sleeping bag and shiver when you have a quality Sheepherder camp stove hand made in the United States from Kni-Co Manufacturing, Inc. We make a whole range of wood camp stoves and wood tent stoves to meet your individual needs, from our light and small Packer Junior to our rugged Alaskan and our large collapsible Tundra Take Down model. Our camp stoves have proven themselves all over the country, in all types of extreme weather conditions, and during every season of the year. Cook right on top of the stove and put the items you just want to keep warm on the attached table. Pour some hot water out of the side water tank and make up some hot chocolate or hot buttered rum. Of course simply staying warm during a chilly night is also a good thing, and our stoves and accessories will help your canvas walled tent take the roughness out of roughing it. Don't have a suitable tent? We have one of the finest in our Big Horn unit.◄
  10. Rofi LES Tent ROFI   This company is based in Molde, Norway. They have a couple of models that are all quonset hut shape, no classic tent styles. They ship worldwide. I think they create shelters for emergency response situations. I do not know yet if you can buy these tents one at a time. They probably sell mostly to large emergency response organizations like the United Nations.

    ►A lightweight tent offering high comfort in all weather conditions. ROFI Industrier AS represents more than 60 years of experience within the textile industry. Our core business is production of soft shelters and protection solutions, such as tents, body armor and lightweight ballistic protection for vehicles. ROFI is situated in the beautiful area on the north-west coast of Norway, just outside the city called Molde. Main part of the production is located here, but the company also has production facilities outside Norway. The ROFI LES tent is designed for arctic and tropic climatic conditions, from -32℃ to +49℃ (-25.6℉ to 120℉). Featuring: Double Layer Fabric, 2 Zip Doors, Flysheet, Separation wall between sleeping compartment & living room, Short set-up time, Simple Maintenance, Simple erection - no special tools required, Windows & roof vents.◄
  11. Eureka Titan Tent EUREKA TITAN TENT   This tent sleeps 8 adults and has a floor size of 9ft-6in x 13ft-6in. Suggested retail over $500.00 on 4-25-09.

    ►With over 128 square feet of space inside our most popular luxury family tent, you can use the Eureka Titan’s removable divider to give the kids a room of their own! Side wall pull outs maximize interior space. Six extra large windows, turn the slightest breeze into cross-ventilated comfort while protecting from splashing rain. 4 pole rectangular Eureka Titan tent with umbrella hub. Heavy duty shock corded self-supporting 6061 aluminum frame. Set up is easy with Eureka!® hub and color coded roof panels. Large High/Low doors provide easy access. 75D StormShield® polyester fly is hooded on all 4 sides for all-weather ventilation. Features corner "closet", rings for hangers, clothesline rings at all eaves, and mesh storage pockets on ceiling panels. 210D nylon oxford bathtub floor offers superior durability and tear resistance. 6 extra large windows well above ground level allow cross ventilation and protect against splashing rain. Removable room divider and side wall pull outs maximize interior space in the Eureka Titan.◄
  12. Canvas Wall Tent NORTHWEST SHELTERS   This is an extremely interesting situation in my opinion. A group of unemployed people taking complete responsibility for their lives in Canada and making from scratch their own job. Possibly this is a model situation that could be duplicated by other people in other unrelated industries.

    ►We are committed to bringing quality products to our customers and nothing less. Our story begins like many other small companies - in October 2008 a group of us got laid off from our jobs. Being involved in the sewing industry for 28 years and having knowledge of manufacturing wall tents from our previous work experience — it wasn't hard for us to start where we left off and start our own company. We are a growing company and we plan to stay around for generations. Our future plans are to expand and manufacture most of the materials used in the design of a wall tent and experiment with new ideas and design.◄
  13. Long Wall Tent THUNDER MOUNTAIN TENT & CANVAS   They make some long wall tents big enough to house a family.

    ►Our business is family owned and was established in 1984. Our reputation has been built on crafting innovative canvas and synthetic fabric products from superior materials to the satisfaction of our customers. We are located in Nampa, Idaho at 107 McClure Ave, 83651. We engineer and manufacture awnings, boat covers, golf cart enclosures, hunting and fishing gear, such as wall tents, rod cases, and gun cases, only to mention a few. Equipment covers are a large part of our business and so are bags, filter clothes, specialty equipment bags and rigging for fire and police departments. We do work for private organizations, as well as Federal, State and City. We take pride in our work, and aim to please our customers. Please stop by or give us a call, we will be glad to help you with your project. The highest quality materials and workmanship go into all Thunder Mountain tents. We use only the strongest canvas, and we reinforce all corners, ridge tops, eves, and doors. Doors overlap and tie, forming a weatherproof seal. All tents come with rope and tent blocks. Materials: 12.98 Army Duck, 10 or 13oz. Sunforger®, or 10oz. fire-retardant canvas. Army Duck is of the highest grade and the best quality canvas.◄
  14. Eureka Pine Lodge Tent EUREKA PINE LODGE TENT   Eureka does sell some larger size tents. One such model is the "Pine Lodge Tent".

    ►Ten-minute setup, fast access "easy-slide" fan door and vertical walls make an ideal base camp for families, sportsmen, scouts.EUREKA PINE LODGE TENT FEATURES: Floor size is 12ftx10ft. Weighs a little over 45lbs. Eureka Pine Lodge tent - 15 pole cabin style tent with single wall construction Freestanding, color-coded exoskeleton frame, clips, and ring & pin assembly make set-up fast and easy by 2 people in less than 10 minutes. Heavy duty 150D StormShield® polyester construction ensures years of durability. Patent-pending, "easy-slide" front fan door is zipperless and kid-friendly; includes window for ventilation and visibility. Inverted T-style back door provides second entry for convenience and also features window for added ventilation and visibility. Large ridge vent along Eureka Pine Lodge tent peak exhausts warm air; extra-rugged 150 StormShield® polyester fly protects vent from the elements. 4 large windows on sidewalls with zippered covers adjust for ventilation and privacy. Vertical walls maximize interior space and make tent ideal for use with cots. 4 interior pockets keep essential items handy, yet conveniently tucked away. E! Power Port unzips to bring an extension cord inside tent for electrical power. Fly/Awning in 150D polyester provides a second layer of protection from the sun and creates a shaded area next to the tent.◄
  15. Wall Tent WESTERN CANVAS SUPPLY & REPAIR   This Wyoming based business sells wall tents & accessories, bedrolls, camp kitchens & stoves, outfitting & packing equipment. They also make handmade tipis.

    ►Western Canvas is a family owned and operated business located in Cody, Wyoming (near the east entrance of Yellowstone National Park). Coming from a family of outdoor enthusiasts with over fifty continuous years of experience, we know your needs for durable canvas products and guarantee your satisfaction. Builders and suppliers of quality hunting and horse packing equipment in Cody Wyoming since 1987. We offer Canvas Wall Tents, Range Tents, Cowboy Bedrolls, Mountaineer Camp Stoves, Tent Frames, Saddle Bags, Duffel Bags, Panniers, and Native American Tipis. Our Mission: We pride ourselves in maintaining high quality materials and workmanship in our durable products. We have been in business for over two decades. We don't claim that our products are the best, our customers do! Our products are constructed of top quality Grade A canvases
    No Seconds and No lesser grades! Western Canvas has improved the hem to ensure the longevity of the canvas closest to the ground by placing webbing reinforced spurred grommets with replaceable ropes in the hem to stake the cover down. This added feature greatly diminished the amount of moisture that can saturate the base of the cover causing the canvas to mildew and rot. When the ropes rot you simply replace the ropes unlike the more common webbing loops sewed directly into the hem. For strength, all panel are sewn with a double lock-stitch (as opposed to looped or zigzag stitches) and shingle style lap seam to aid in water run-off. All seams are sewn with a Filco thread, which is a cotton shell wrapped around a polyester core for strength. The outer cotton shell will swell when wet and fill the needle hole to provide maximum protection from leakage. All stress areas are double reinforced and all ties are heavy weight cotton webbing.◄
  16. Canvas Tent Camp STITCHES OF OLD TIMES   This business here seems to specialize in reenactor camp & horse gear, but as you know my website (Shed & Shelter) is about providing short and long term housing solutions for people. But i think this business can fulfill that purpose; so that’s why i have included them here.

    ►Custom Made Tents, Camp Gear & Horse Tack etc. From Revolutionary - Era to Civil War Period and Modern Outfitters Tents, Packs, etc. Made to order!!! We have been making reenactor camp & horse gear for years, proudly serving the reenactor community. Also outfitters and animal packing enthusiasts have used our products to their satisfaction!! Our unparalleled service, competitive prices, and overall value are why our loyal customers keep returning. We look forward to your patronage.◄
  17. DENVER TENT COMPANY   This looks like a well established quality company. Just for your information they make a wall tent called "The Colorado Wall Tent" their flagship canvas tent, The Colorado Wall Tent is a tried-and-true descendant of their classic Woodsman Tent. The Colorado Wall Tent is a favorite of hunters and outfitters wanting a reliable and comfortable base camp. Video on the right is of their "The Colorado Lodge Tent" (12ftx15ft).

    ►Welcome to Denver Tent Company, manufacturing the renowned Colorado Wall Tent and other quality fabric products since 1890! Denver Tent Company is your one-stop shop for all of your tenting and fabric covering needs including wall tents, range tents, event and wedding tents, tipi’s, herder tents, tarps, tent flys, pop up tents, bags and industrial fabric coverings. Denver Tent also carries a full line of tent and camp accessories including ropes, ratchets, stakes, stoves, flags and products for tent-repair, tent cleaning and fabric waterproofing. Denver Tent Company also custom fabricates tent frames and coverings for any retail, commercial or industrial application. We have been manufacturing the highest quality event tents, party canopies, wall tents and custom sewn products since 1890. Product quality, competitive pricing and friendly customer service are the cornerstones of our longevity and success. We are one of the largest party canopy manufacturers in the United States and our patented Quick Latch™ Frame Tent has been providing reliable and affordable shelter since 1960! We also provide outfitter and hunting items through our Sportsman’s Products and Colorado Tent brand line.◄
  18. The Springbar Colossus Tent SPRINGBAR TENTS   I should have had this company up here a long time ago, sorry folks. Seems like a lot people like this tent. Unfortunately i have never seen one except in pictures. Looks to be well made and designed. Picture on the right is of one of their latest models: The Colossus - The largest tent they make in this line. "This tent offers more room than any other Springbar Tent. Redesigned pole set with walled steel uprights and ridge poles with 3/4-inch solid fiberglass tension rods. Includes one zip-off canopy, poles, guy ropes, zip-in organizers, and one set of 12in angle stakes. This tent includes two doors and an extra zipper attachment for two canopies. So the extra portico upgrade is a must! Ventilated windows on all sides of this tent. Strong solid rope perimeter with "hooked" stake loops to keep tent standing in all types of weather. Tough vinyl floor to protect against water and sharp objects. Don't be intimidated by weight, we include separate carry bags for poles and tent canvas. Built 100% in the USA. We offer repair options and replacement parts on all our Springbar Tents, even for some that are 40 years old. Manufacture Warranty: Lifetime.

    ►Welcome to, your source for information about Springbar® tents, the most comfortable, most durable, most weather resistant, and easiest-to-set-up camping tents you can buy. Discover the complete lineup of Springbar tent models — from rugged compact tents to large family camping tents to our high-value Vagabond models — tents you can count on to provide all-weather shelter for years and years of pleasurable outdoor experiences. Make your camp even more comfortable with our deluxe screen tents, sunshades, shower tents and more. For those needing a semi-permanent outdoor shelter, we still make our genuine AAA canvas wall tents, just as we've done for over sixty years. Our online store also offers a wide variety of travel and camping accessories to enhance your Springbar® campsite and your life outdoors. Whether you're a dedicated and experienced camper, or are considering tent camping for the very first time, we invite you to discover how a Springbar® tent can make your next outdoor adventure one that great memories are made of. Explore the features that make Springbar tents superior to all others.◄
  19. Sears Magnum Canvas Wall Tent SEARS   I cannot believe how many tents Sears sells. This means you could use your Sears credit card to buy a well made wall tent. The picture on the right is of their "Magnum Tent" and they sell several different sizes of this model.

    ►The Magnum tent is the toughest, most complete wall tent you will ever own. Magnum wall tents are designed to last a lifetime. Unlike most manufacturers who use a 10oz canvas, these tents are made from a 12oz preshrunk army duck canvas that is fire and marine treated using a dry treatment that has no odor, doesn't collect dirt, and allows the canvas to breathe naturally. The 12oz canvas adds extra insulation and protection from the elements and its strength is unsurpassed. All of the features you've ever wanted in a wall tent come standard in the Magnum, at a fraction of the cost of other wall tents. Specifications: Weight: 75lbs, Width: 10ft 0in, Length: 12ft 0in, Wall Height: 4ft 10in, Peak Height: 7ft 10in, Slope Length: 5ft 9in, Canvas Weight: 12oz before treatment, Canvas Weave: preshrunk army duck, Treatments: Flame & Marine, Reinforcements: Corners, ridge, eves, seams folded and double stitched, Door: Zippered & buckled, Zippered screen door, Window: 24in x 36in screened in back wall, Stove Jack: 5in silicone-coated fiberglass, Sod Cloth: 12in vinyl sod cloth, Floor: Not included, Ropes: Yes, Stakes: Yes - steel, Bag: Canvas bag, Frame: Not included, Angle Kit: This angle kit is designed to build a 3 rafter frame for your 10x12 Magnum wall tent. The welded angle brackets can be used with 1in EMT conduit to build an internal frame. The conduit is not provided but can be obtained at your local hardware store. Pole Cuts for 10x12 Magnum Tent: 6 Wall Poles: 57in, 6 Rafter Poles: 66in, 6 Horizontal Poles: 71in.◄
  20. 16x16 4 Sided Tent RDD USA   Lots of big tents here suitable for your tent living lifestyle. Picture on the right is of their 4 Sided Frame Tent 16ft X 16ft.

    ►RDDUSA supplies Army Surplus Military Clothing and surplus equipment to governments (including the US Government), institutes, private companies and individuals worldwide. Here in our Army Navy Store you will find a large inventory of Genuine Top Quality Military Surplus, Army Surplus products with our Army Navy Surplus items. Military Shelters and Army Tents, Tents for Camping as at the Burning Man Festival, Rental tents. We are supplying Disaster Relief Shelters, Camping tents and Camping equipment, Military Reenactment clothing and gear, Barrack & Military Housing and Temporary Buildings for Government use. Army clothing Props and Wardrobe. Also are available: BDU Uniforms, combat boots, Army Field Gear, Gas Masks and Tactical Gear. Check Our Military apparel section with Urban Military items and vintage Military clothes, Military costumes and military outerwear. You will find here the most special and trendy Items in the market available today! Individuals who aren't living in the US and Canada and want to place an order, will have to meet the minimum order limit of $300. We treat our customers and each other—fairly and honestly. We take our commitments seriously and do what we say we are going to do. Without this, nothing else matters because people want to do business with those they can trust.◄
  21. Pioneer Bungalow SWEETWATER BUNGALOWS   Cabin tents with sturdy wood frames makes for more stable living in all kinds of weather. These folks are experts at it - making livable strong cabin tents for low cost living.

    ►Creating A Retreat May Be As Close As Your Own Backyard. Sweetwater Bungalows are an affordable, versatile and attractive solution to increasing your living space needs with a wide range of uses. Richly atmospheric, intimate in scale and unsurpassed in their ability to unite indoor and outdoor living, they offer virtually limitless space options in an affordable manner. With Sweetwater Bungalows innovative design and framework, they are unique to the market of prefabricated and semi-permanent shelters. These wonderful tensile structures combine the stability and protection of a wood frame with the lightness and beauty of fabric walls. Natural, ambient light bathes the interior of the Bungalow during the day, and by night, each structure glows with romantic tranquility. Together with framed in windows and a door, a cozy Bungalow is created. Weather-tight, durable and economical (from $30.00 SF, not including the platform), Sweetwater Bungalows bring you closer to nature and the great outdoors.◄
  22. Standard Wall Tents PANTHER PRIMITIVES   Billed as the "Worlds largest manufacturer of historical shelters"! This business has a very large inventory of all kinds of canvas tent designs. You can just about find anything you want here. They have a lot of cool stuff from wood stoves to cookware and many tent accessories. I think if you go to their "Tents for Scouts" section - that is where you will find standard wall tents.

    ►We bring the past to life by supplying reproduction tents & supplies for historical re-enactors and collectors. Our dedication to quality and customer service has made Panther the world’s largest manufacturer of historical tentage. For many years Panther has been saving Boy & Girl Scout Councils lots of money on their tentage. Because every Panther tent is made right here, in our own factory in West Virginia, there aren't any commissions added for jobbers, wholesalers or salesmen. Buying factory direct gives our Scout customers the very best prices on quality tentage. Panther platform tents are rugged in design and performance to fit the demands of a camp setting. We've designed special reinforcements for high stress areas, a result of years of experience and feedback from camps. Extra peak and ridge line reinforcements are two of the standard features that set our scout wall tents apart from the others. Made of 11oz. poly/cotton canvas, treated to resist water and mildew. It meets CPAI-84 flame retardancy specs. Available in pearl gray and light brown in all the normal sizes. Compare our prices!◄
  23. KODIAK CANVAS   Here looks to be a well made tent. These line of tents do not come equipped with a stove jack, but they may be suitable for other types of heating apparatus like propane but be very careful, please. They have a very good warranty to the original purchaser of their tents.

    ►Kodiak Canvas tent company was born in the rugged Rockies. In the five plus years we have been in business, we have quickly earned a reputation for making some of the finest tents available. Reliable: Whether you are deep in the back country, or close to home, we want to make a tent you can rely on to protect you from the elements. Comfortable: Being able to stand up when you put your pants on is one of the comforts our tents offer. You shouldn't have to crawl into a tent on all fours either. Our Hydra-Shied™ canvas breathes, minimizing mugginess, and making your tent a more comfortable place to be. Sturdy: Be it strong wind, driving rain, or even snow, our tents will hold up to it. It’s not uncommon for us to get fan mail from our customers telling about a storm that ripped through camp, and their Kodiak Canvas tent was the only tent left standing. Made Right: We use quality, top-of-the-line materials and components. We do not cut corners. Made to Last: When properly cared for, one can expect a Kodiak Canvas to far, far, outlive a cheaper made tent.◄
  24. External Pole Frame Tent CAPITAL CANVAS   This Canadian company will make custom tent sizes for you, plus they offer an aluminum frame to be used with their tents. Their starting tent includes a stove pipe ring on the front left side wall, 2 windows, sod cloth and single zipper door.

    ►Capital Canvas is a Canadian company specializing in high-quality, durable wall tents. Wall tents from Capital Canvas are built to withstand even the harshest Canadian climates. Capital Canvas allows you to buy direct from the manufacturer saving you money without sacrificing on quality. Capital Canvas Wall Tents are all made in Canada out of 10.10 ounce Sunforger® marine grade canvas with fire retardant, water and mildew protection. One customer’s testimony: When you buy a canvas wall tent from Capital Canvas, you can purchase the canvas alone or with a fit to size aluminum frame.
    What really appealed to us about a canvas wall tent is the amount of space the tent offered and how easily it packed down. A 10x12 tent offers a lot of space! We were able to fit two cots, a fold out dinner table, two chairs, and of course a small stove in our tent; at no time did it feel cramped. The headroom is great as well — I'm only 5ft 10in but there is at least 7ft of headroom down the center of the tent. The tent was very easy to take down and pack away. It takes about 10 minutes to set up and packs down to one medium and one small bag. Of course the poles need to be bungeed together, but they don't take up much space in the back of the truck. We even took the tent out this past weekend with the wife’s car and it didn't take up an unreasonable amount of space — we were still able to bring the coolers, cots and fishing gear with the seats folded down. One thing the trip proved is that these tents are of good quality. We slept in it for 45 nights and set it up close to 20 times without a rip or leak. These tents are built to last. Capital Canvas’s wall tents all feature 10.10oz canvas, army duck, double weave, marine shrunk, fire treated, Sunforger® finish, sturdy welded fittings, stove pipe ring with flap, window, reinforced grommets, and double-stitching. They also back their tents with a 2 year warranty on all craftsmanship.◄
  25. Rooftop Tent DAVID ELLIS CANVAS PRODUCTS   They sell among other things: Bedrolls, Tent Flys, Cowboy Tents, Custom Canvas, & Tent Frames. Picture on the right is of Manhattan NYC Rooftop Living in a David Ellis Tent.

    ►Why should you buy a wall tent from me? Because that guy behind the sewing machine there... Well that’s me. Yah, I still do most of the sewing around here. That means that when you tell me what you want there is a 90% chance that is what you will get. We are a small shop, so it’s easy to pay close attention to detail; this also enables us to upgrade our designs without sacrificing our consistency. I think for this reason we have the best tent to offer in the industry. Am I qualified? I have been sewing since 1981 starting with upholstery and car interiors. I began to focus mostly on boat canvas and awnings, that was 20 years ago. For the past 10 years I have been which means that canvas tents is my priority. I make a western style wall tent, this means that because of ridge openings and plenty of reinforcement, a large rough timber can be passed through the peaks of the tent. This simplifies set up when using poles obtained from the forest. I make and sell tent frames, but I specialize in making the canvas with this type of rustic set up in mind. Stove hole and sod cloth; are standard items on most of my tents.◄
  26. 14x16 Wood Tent Frame WOOD WALL TENT FRAME   I put this example up here for you to see what a well made permanent wall tent frame made from wood might look like. Please click on the picture at the right to see a larger view. Notice the side walls used to keep the wind from collapsing the tent.

    ►This is a list of the material that you need to put together a 14 x 16 wall tent frame: Blocking= 3 pcs 4x4x16ft, Floor = 13 pcs 2x4x13ft-9in, 2 pcs 2x4x16ft, 7 sheets 1/2 plywood. Walls 20 pcs 2x4x6ft, Wall studs 6ft-6in is better as it gives you room to store things overhead, like a loft.
    5 pcs 2x4 16ft for side/wall plates and ridge pole
    4 pcs 2x4 13ft-6in back and front wall plates
    2 pcs 2x4 10ft door frame
    8 sheets 3/8 plywood
    1 sheet 5/8 or 3/4 for the door
    Rafters 10 pcs 2x4x8ft These will take a little planing to cut the angles right on the ends of the rafters, the easiest way is to lay the 8ft piece on the top of the wall to draw the layout.
    3 lbs of 3in deck screws
    6 lbs of 11/4 deck screws
    thumb latch for the door
    If I am building the beds and/or desks/interior and the works I allow 10-15 pcs 2x4 16's and 5 sheets of 1/2 and 5 sheets of 3/8 plywood for each interior and it works out pretty close over a finished camp. Also, when I am pre-fabing the frames, I rip 2in x 21/2in out of 2x8's to cut down on the weights (1/3 less) sometimes it makes a big difference. I don’t rip the 2x4 floor joists though. If you like I can make up a material list for the larger tents as well, but you would have a better idea as to what you need for the various interiors. Let me know. In the larger tents I recommend a door in both ends, and seeing as the tents need to be made we can move or put in windows as you prefer them ie more in the kitchen, and less it the dry, we could even allow for another door on the side wall . . . However you like. Note: You do not need to use the full 4ft sheets of plywood on the walls, you could rip those in half as well to save on material/weights, it is just more comfortable to have that hard wall above the sides of the beds, especially in grizzly bear country.◄
  27. Pinnacle Tents PINNACLE TENTS   This is a business that makes tents from scratch - i do not think they are a reseller of tents. All original designs, i believe. Nice looking stuff. They are based in Phoenix, Arizona.

    ►As one of the leading tent manufacturers of camping tents, portable shelters, equipment tents, outfitter’s tents, portable emergency shelters, and custom tents, Pinnacle Tents will utilize our 30 years of camping tent manufacturing experience and vast tent manufacturing capabilities to manufacture your custom tents in volume with exceptional quality, on time delivery, coupled with attractive pricing. We accomplish this through a streamlined high volume tent manufacturing process where we make large quantities of many different designs unlike other standard product tent makers. Our loyal custom tent customers include The Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts, British American Tobacco, US Smokeless Tobacco, The Red Cross, US Air Force, US Army, US Navy, Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Kia Racing, Jack Daniel’s, Snap-On Tools, Department of Forestry, US Game and Fish Department, Church organizations, Outfitters, Expedition Companies, a host of other Fortune 500 companies, and government organizations.◄
  28. Idaho Canvas Products IDAHO CANVAS PRODUCTS   This business is based in Idaho Falls, Idaho. They sell accessories to go with your new tent like metal tent frames and wooden ridge pole frames. They also use at least two different types of fabric or material:
    1. "A Grade" Canvas Duck: A heavy, 12.63oz. per square yard, untreated, cotton duck and features a double-ply weave for strength and water repellency. Our most popular fabric, this material is breathable and very durable for years of use.
    2. Sunforger® Marine Finish A heavy, 13oz. per square yard treated cotton duck features a double-ply weave for strength. Treated to be water repellent and mildew resistant. Also available with Fire Resistant finish to meet CPAI-84 requirements.

    ►Idaho Canvas genuine Wall Tents are made with old-fashioned quality for today’s tough applications. This extremely rugged canvas tent is ideal for any base camp or expedition — for any hunter, herder, or scout needing a durable and dependable shelter. Our Wall Tents invite abuse because they are made to take it. We make them one at a time, without compromise in materials and quality as we have done for the last sixty-five years. An Idaho Canvas Wall Tent is a great investment and a great value! Our Wall Tents are your best investment because they last longer. At Idaho Canvas we provide complete service for your wall tent. We have a complete stock of spare parts and can provide quick service on minor repairs.◄
  29. Pahaque Tents PAHA QUE' WILDERNESS   This tent selling business is located in Poway California. This appears to be a relatively small business, but i have heard some positive comments about them. They also sell screen rooms, outhouses & Showers and other useful items. A very innovative group here.

    ►Three guys and a tent . . . That’s how it all started. Three camping buddies talking over many evening campfires about how to build the better tent. One that wouldn't leak, but was roomy. One that offered some headroom to folks that stand 6ft or taller; and, one that provided camping enthusiasts all the luxuries of home, when they were away from their own.◄
  30. Buckstitch Canvas Wall Tent BUCKSTITCH CANVAS   Even though this business caters mostly to the horse packing type of outfitting/camping - it’s products include tents which can be used by anyone for long term living.

    ►Manufacturing high quality custom canvas products is our specialty! We have been exporting canvas wall tents and travel bags since 1992 for outfitters, outdoor expeditions, and anyone who needs superior products big game hunting supplies. We hope you enjoy browsing through our online catalog. There’s a lot to see for hiking, hunting and outdoor camping. Keep in mind we use only the best Cordura, Canvas and Fleece and all seams are double stitched for the highest quality outdoor gear. We have a 100% guarantee on all canvas products and workmanship for the professional choice in canvas tent supplies. We try to keep supplies (except tents are made to order) in stock and can usually ship the same day. We also do custom work and repairs for canvas and saddles - swamp cooler covers, barbecue grill covers, specialty bags and much more! Buckstitch Canvas in Cody, Wyoming is your one stop shop for canvas tent supplies, cowboy bedrolls, pack equipment and horse tack supply store. Our reputation depends upon it.◄
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