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  1. Zimo 5-6 Person Outdoor Windbreak Pergola Tower Post Camping Mosquito Net Yurt 10x10ft Tipi Tent ZIMO® PERGOLA TOWER TIPI TENT   This tent has one 5 star rating accompanied by a long review by one person. The reviewer likes the tent a lot and has had good experience with it. This tent can provide comfort for probably up to 5-6 people. DHL Delivery, High Quality 10x10ft Tipi Tent. This tent is designed with an increased skirt size, it is a solid structure, fashionable, stylish and beautiful, & tall. This tent should not only be big enough, but also be high enough for approximately 5 people. In addition, this tent should be comfortable and not depressing to use. This tent is not only rain-proof, but also is well ventilated. Both doors and windows are 210T PU 68D 2000MM +68*68 high-density mesh structure design with water-proof 150D PU 3000MM Oxford cloth. It is the ideal big house and the four sides are surrounded by a big landing balcony. The fabric of sun-proof and ultraviolet-proof tent is special design, can resist 98% UVB and 95% UVA ultraviolet rays.
  2. Easy Setup Camping Tent CAPITAL TENTS   This company based in the country of India has a large selection of tents in all shapes & sizes. Even if you are unable to purchase any of these tents, they're still interesting to look at. Picture on the right is of their "Easy Setup Camping Tent, Code: CMP 09".

    ►Capital Dyeing & Tent Works is a leading company involved in the manufacture and exports of all kinds of innovative tents and tarpaulin. It was established in 1982, with a mission to promote beautiful handcrafted Indian tents in the international market. Since then, the company is growing by leaps and bounds. Our collection of tents is ideal for camping, gardens, resorts, weddings, beaches, safari, armed services and any other public / private events. All of our tents are handcrafted with traditional method using high quality natural colored canvas which is waterproof, mold proof and fire retardant for the exterior. The interiors are made from 100% cotton with distinctive wood block prints in famous sanganeri or bagru style in selected colors and motifs. Each tent comes fully equipped with all the accessories such as wooden poles, wooden / iron pickets, tie and guy ropes, flooring, etc. and is accompanied by the pitching plan. Special designs for custom made theme tents for interiors can be made to order. We can develop exclusive prints, logos, appliqué motifs, embroidery, mirror work and tassels to suit any requirements. Everything we do at Capital Tents is impeccably planned, quality-controlled and professionally implemented. We have a team of trained and highly skilled professionals whose continuous endeavor is to deliver quality goods in time.◄
  3. Stove Pipe Jack STOVE JACK #WT O117   (3 Apr 17) Here listed is a source for wall tent accessories and this time it is a stove jack. Stove jacks allow for installation of a wood burning stove inside your tent - a very important addition, not only for heating, but for cooking and making coffee or tea also. Actually, this business has other stove jacks available: Visit Home / Camping Tents & Stoves / Wall Tent Accessories.

    ►A stove jack allows you to safely extend a stovepipe through the roof or wall of your tent. Our stove jacks are constructed of fire proof 17-ounce silicone-coated glass material: $37.95 (18in x 18in) with a solid silicone ring. Stove jacks are temperature rated up to 700°F (400°C). A stove jack can be sewn directly into the wall or roof of any tent made from a fire retardant material and designed to accommodate a stove. It can also be glued into a canvas tent if you purchase the stove jack with canvas edging (glue canvas to canvas with a fabric adhesive). We recommend an oval shape if you are using 5in or 6in stovepipe that will be running through the roof. The round is recommended for pipe extending through the side wall. Made in the USA.◄
  4. Round Pavilion Tent FRITZ WILHELM   This is a little different, but looks like a quality entry to my website. Even though this man specializes in re-enactor type tents and items, he can probably make you a nice livable tent if you contacted him with your specifications, etc. This is another one of those interesting stories where a person made something for himself, other people saw it and wanted one and it turned into a business for himself. He made a job for himself. Pretty neat.

    ►Greetings! And welcome to my workshop on the web. I specialize in tents and campaign furniture of the renaissance and medieval periods. Each of my tents or pieces of furniture is personally handcrafted by me. It is my goal to create the most authentic and practical tents and furniture available to the re-enactor. To this end I am continually researching and improving my designs. I offer Canvas Sewing, Woodworking, & Design services. My specialty is hub & spoke round pavilions (more about them on the Tents page), but I make all sorts of tents and furniture. If you are interested in commissioning me to make something for you, contact me with a basic description of what you want in order to get the process started. I use only high quality canvas and woods chosen for beauty, strength and authenticity. All of my products are hand finished and largely hand worked. While these are truly premium tents, the cost is still quite competitive with the other major manufacturers. Please, have a look around and contact me if you have ANY questions. I do most of my work "to-order" and am always willing to work with a customer to create something to their exact needs. I am also very interested in sharing the knowledge that I have gathered. There are articles and links to help would-be tent makers and I do offer materials for sale as well as finished and partly finished goods. Again, if you are considering making your own tent and you have any questions at all, feel free to send me an email. I'll respond as quickly as I can. Best Regards, Gene "Fritz" Eisele, Proprietor.◄
  5. The Pinnacle Tent PINNACLE TENTS CANVAS CABIN TENT - 10X14   Well, at least one person likes this tent. It is considered by some people as a "Family Tent". Features include: Superior waterproofing (1000mm) with heat sealed seams. 8 ounce per square yard 100% cotton canvas. Light enough to carry yet durable enough for years of enjoyment. Rugged sewn in vinyl floor. Canvas treated for mildew resistance and fire retardant.

    ►We took our proven 25 year old canvas cabin tent design and made it even better for this outfitter style canvas wall tent. Perfect for general camping, hunting, reenactments, retreats, or basecamps. Stay warm dry and comfortable in all weather conditions. For those warm breezy days just open the 3 large screen windows and door to soak in the fresh air. The durable canvas and heavy duty sewn in vinyl floor will provide years of enjoyment and use. Get one now and you will be enjoying your own cabin in the outdoors! Also available in tan color model number 647.◄
  6. The Wardle's Canvas Tent OFF-GRID IN ALASKA   This listing here is about people actually living in a wall tent temporarily in Alaska while they were building their small cabin. No tents for sale here. Just some information from people actually living in a wall tent. This is about two people (husband & wife) who - from what i can tell "burned out" working for Microsoft in Seattle, Washington and chucked it all to start a simple life in northern Alaska. Quite interesting to me and hopefully also to you the viewer of this website. To view the start of their tent set-up, scroll down to date: SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2009.

    ►Why I'm all in for this crazy plan? My reasons are quite simple (a lot like the things I enjoy). I'm tired of the rat race, tired of stress (the kind of stress where you want to punch the idiot spouting BS in the throat, but can't), and stays with you for days. I'm looking forward to a simpler way of life with real stresses, that could indeed be life threatening; but when they're over, they're over. Not the grinding soul destroying continual stress that exists making others rich, while letting your life slip through your fingers.◄
  7. Bow Model Tent with windbreak CAMPMOR OUTDOOR CANVAS TENTS   Thanks Gerard from the Philippines for bringing this to my attention. However, the Campmor Outdoor website is being changed or remade, so there is mostly pictures and not much explanation. Picture on the right is of their "Bow model canvas tent with windbreak". Also, need to mention that this tent line is being sold by "Diamantina Canvas Tents" an Australian business listed below. This tent brand appears to be quite suitable for permanent living, if so desired. There are some distributors around the US, being one of them. The impression i have of this tent is that it is suitable for car or truck camping, but would tend to be to heavy for horse packing. The tent is quite heavy i think.

    From: Jonathan Hansen, Director, ConserVentures, Founding Editor, Overland Journal. ►Introducing Campmor Outdoor Canvas Tents. The most durable canvas ground tents available in the world. Designed for permanent and semi-permanent use in some of the most inhospitable terrain on the planet. Campmor Outdoor tents are constructed in South Africa using canvas from Australia, bringing together the best materials available for a tent of unsurpassed quality. Since Campmor Outdoor's inception in January 1995 they have designed and manufactured a range of canvas tents and camping furniture that is of the highest quality. Their passion for innovation and total commitment to excellence bring you product that you can depend on. Because, like you they strive for and expect excellence. Their products are tested out in the real world, not in a laboratory. Campmor Outdoor tents are used by outfitters and guides around the globe as semi permanent base camps and sleeping quarters for their guests. They last through years of constant use without fading or fabric degradation from the elements. Quality materials used throughout: Australian Dynaproof (r) canvas, shadecloth mesh, YKK zippers, spring steel poles, and 550 gram ground sheets combine to create the last tent you will ever need. Heavy Duty Construction: Tested to withstand winds of up to 65 miles per hour. These tents stand firm and will outperform any tent on the market. The Campmor Guarantee: As part of our dedication to quality products, Campmor Outdoor warrants to the original owner it's products against defects in material and or workmanship. Support: World class support for your investment. We stand behind our products.◄
  8. The Okapi Tent CANVASCAMP   Here's a nice looking tent business located in the country of Belgium. They sell Sibley (Bell) versions, classic cotton tents, group tents, event tents, & swag tents (backpacker style). I did not realize the following information about tents: "Tents constructed of cotton canvas do not only create a warm and romantic vibe, cotton is also known to be a fire retardant, breathing, natural material which is completely waterproof. Since cotton shrinks when it gets wet, your tent will be completely waterproof even in heavy rain. Moreover, due to its breathing quality, cotton tents never feel damp or moist inside, contrary to its nylon or polyester counterparts. Discover our Sibley, Classic and Swag range here, three tent types made out of heavy, durable cotton canvas."

    ►We specialize in the development, manufacture, hire and sale of 100% pure cotton tents for both private and professional use and have many years of experience. We ship canvas tents worldwide for all purposes. CanvasCamp specializes in the production, sales and rental of 100% pure cotton camping tents and small event tents for professional, personal and humanitarian use. We are dedicated to becoming the global benchmark for the best built canvas tents. We carefully look for the best products and materials so that we can always guarantee the very best quality/price ratio. There is no middleman – we are the source. We will endeavor to answer any question you may have and provide you with the best advise that our vast experience enables us to do.◄
  9. Roomoon Tent ROOMOON TENT   This is something new on the market, and i think it is made in the UK. This is a tent which is designed to be hung from a tree or some other strong and safe structure. It consists of three basic components: Canvas fabric covering, stainless steel framework, & a wood plank floor. I would imagine that some creative person could rig up some type of pulley system to raise & lower the tent for ease of access.

    ►Being in the roomoon is like being in a balloon soaring through the tree canopies. You really feel like a part of something much bigger and more important. Beautifully hand crafted, the canvas tent can completely open up, revealing the world to the people inside. Lightweight and fantastically well made the canvas will last in all weather. The floor is designed to be as portable as possible and yet maintain the high standard of the rest of the tent, made out of a light weight pine for ease of movement and capable of rolling up to access the storage below. The frame is made out of stainless steel and so this means that it is strong and weather proof not only this, it collapses down to make the roomoon a viable option for long camping trips and festivals. The hoist has its roots in 18th century engineering. Capable of lifting over 1 ton with ease. The user need only to run the lightweight pulley chain through their hands to be lifted in to the canopies. Any further inquiries please email: Manufactured locally in Dorset, England.◄
  10. Tents & Shelters with TacticalSolar® Panels TACTICAL SOLAR   For those of you who would like to use solar energy to power re-charge multiple battery operated items, like ipads, night lighting, radios & television, or other communication devices, this tent might assist you along with the other solar powered items this company sells.

    ►Tents & Shelters with TacticalSolar® Panels. Tactical Shelter. Various DC & AC output voltages are available. Units are integrated into self-contained enclosures providing easy deployment and equipment protection. Quick setup in as little as 2-minutes. Systems can also use DC from military or emergency vehicles as input and optionally AC from any AC source. The new Solar Power Shelters offer up to 1440 watts of solar power for each 10ft x 20ft shelter section. This solar covering also serves to further insulate the shelter, thereby reducing power required for heating/cooling.◄
  11. Surplus Command Post Tent GOVERNMENT SURPLUS TENTS   A number of years ago i used this service to bid and buy surplus items that i tried to sell on eBay for a profit. I just checked to see if they list tents up for auction and they do have a "Tent & Tarpaulins" category (8340) and i was able to locate some cool looking tents in their inventory up for auction. Here is a sample listing: Lot Details — Event Id 10056 — Lot Number 6302: "Command post tent. Green coated polyester blackout fabric. Square floor shape. Length: 11 feet. Width: 11 feet. Includes: Plain wall liner, window wall liner, rain gutter, floor, roof cap, plain wall, window wall, entrance way wall, frame assembly, telescopic pole, fabric transport bag, frame transport bag, tent pin steel, tent stake wood, tent pin container, support straps." Picture on the right is of this listed tent. Actually, there are several pictures offering different views of this tent if you went to the site and checked it out. This particular item is located at "Eglin AFB, FL 32542". But these auctions are held all over the US at different military bases.

    ►Government Liquidation (GL), a Liquidity Services, Inc. marketplace is the exclusive contractor of the DLA Disposition Services for the sale of surplus and scrap assets of the United States Department of Defense (DOD). GL operates an innovative and powerful online sales channel that enables surplus buyers to purchase available government assets in a convenient and open environment. GL utilizes world-class logistics, technology, marketing and customer service capabilities to assemble and promote available property for the convenience of its buyers. With over 500 different commodity categories and thousands of surplus items added weekly to our inventory, GL offers surplus Buyers a unique and dynamic pool of property for purchase and resale. GL's dedicated team of professionals manage over 1 million square feet of warehouse space and maintain outposts on over 150 military bases throughout the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Guam. GL is part of a critical mission to keep surplus and idle inventories moving out of facilities nationwide, maximizing efficiencies, while creating a valuable cash flow source to the US Treasury. This is accomplished with a strong emphasis on national security, through inventory assurance measures and strict purchasing restrictions. Government Liquidation is the leading global seller of assets in over 500 different US Government commodity categories.◄
  12. Diamantina Sheraton Majestic - 3 room Canvas Family Tent DIAMANTINA CANVAS TENTS   This Australian Canvas Tent Company has a wide range of products with great looking designs. Also, there is at least 4 videos explaining the benefits of owning one or more of their tents. So, plenty of information here to help you decide what is best for you, your uses. It seems to me that these tents here are designed mostly for use in a warmer climate, probably not suitable for winter conditions like in Canada or some other cold place like that. Picture on the right is of their "Diamantina Sheraton Majestic - 3 room Canvas Family Tent".

    ►Diamantina canvas tents are becoming widely recognized across Australia as the premium brand for quality canvas tents, the preferred choice for campers who want strength and durability. A well maintained canvas tent of good quality will last up to thirty years with good use. There is no dome tent on the market today made using synthetic materials that will last this long. In fact, dome tent fabrics being 100% synthetic, will last up to 10 years with good use, or approximately one third of the expected life span of a quality canvas tent. Quality canvas fabrics have greater UV resistance than any dome tent materials which increases the life expectancy of the tent, especially in Australian conditions. When a 100% synthetic tent material is exposed to the heat of the Australian sun for prolonged periods of time, the characteristics of the fabric are altered, and color, strength and performance begins to deteriorate. Good quality canvas materials are made using high density thread counts for maximum tear resistance, abrasion resistance, and water resistance. However the importance of breathability cannot be understated. Sleeping in a tent that does not breathe can be like sleeping in a damp and hot sauna. Diamantina canvas tents are made considering water resistance and breathability, making them perfect for the hot Australian climate. This is achieved by using tightly woven fabrics combining a blend of cotton fibers for maximum breathability, and polyester fibers for maximum strength and durability. Diamantina canvas tents also have the added advantage of stronger steel frame structures - rated with the exclusive Category 5 Frame System - tested to withstand wind strengths up to 100km per hour. These canvas tents can handle up to three times the wind speed strength of most dome style tents. Diamantina canvas tents include large awnings for added shade in the sun often not found in dome tents. The rooms are often larger, providing greater head room with larger windows. This means greater flow of circulating air through the tent, resulting in cooler, more comfortable living conditions in hot weather. The construction of seams and peg points in quality Diamantina canvas tents are heavier duty by nature due to the folded seam constructions, the heavy duty webbing peg points, and the extra fabric reinforcing used in each stress point. These features are important in windy conditions when the tent is placed under added stress. It is for these reasons that quality canvas tents like the Diamantina range below are not found in department style stores. These tents are not built on price alone, rather on quality and performance. Canvas tents are ideally suited to families planning extended holidays, or couples planning to travel extensively with the use of a tent that can withstand more frequent use, such as the Campmor range below. Each of the Diamantina canvas tents below have been designed with added features, with the first priority being the comfort of the consumer. Many features listed in each of these tents are not found in any other similar tents on the market. Each of these tents have a 5 year warranty covering replacement parts and labor for any problem caused by manufacturing fault. Each of the Diamantina canvas tents are backed up by available spare parts and repair servicing.◄
  13. Alaska Small Shelter System CALIFORNIA ARMY NAVY SURPLUS   Their business name disguises the fact that they are located in South Western Pennsylvania, a town named: "California". But they have some nice looking military tents i am sure capable of being used for full time living. They offer nationwide shipping. Picture on the right is of their: "Alaska Small Shelter System", a 32ft L x 20ft W x 10ft H, livable tent. In addition to their inventory of tents, they sell parachutes, ammo/rocket boxes for storage of small items, clothing, sleeping gear and many other interesting items.

    ►Shipping Charges are calculated based on your order weight & shipping location. Domestic and International orders accepted. Most orders are shipped within 72 hours of receipt, if a specific date is required please specify. Items are exchangeable with proper authorization with the exception of chemical protection items. No returns without a sales receipt, no cash refunds. Even exchanges only, all surplus is non-refundable. Shipping on returned items is the customers responsibility. We hold the right to charge a 30% restocking fee on all items. All wholesale orders are returnable less a 30% restocking fee. CalArmy Sources and sells Military surplus around the world. Our specialty is pallets of high quality military surplus jackets, camo, backpacks and boots. Our Truckload sales can be delivered to your dock. Our dedicated sales staff is ready to talk business on cases, pallets and truck loads and even container loads. Tell us what you want in wholesale military surplus and we will get it for you. Be sure our next shipment of high quality military surplus comes to your dock.◄
  14. EUREKA MILITARY TENTS   I did not realize Eureka! Tents manufactured shelters for the military. It appears that maybe anyone can order one of their military style tents by clicking on their "Parts" link and filling out the order form for the items desired. It says above their order form: "Parts are available for most tents and accessories manufactured by Eureka!. To order or request information on specific parts, please fill in the order form below and a Eureka! representative will contact you regarding pricing and availability."

    ►The Eureka! commercial tent division has earned a reputation for quality products and innovative designs in manufacturing. Eureka! was first in the industry with the introduction of the Genesis and Elite tension fabric tents. Keeping up with the growth of our business, Eureka!'s facilities, located in Binghamton, New York have grown to over 77,000 square feet of manufacturing space and a 42,000 square foot distribution center in 2 locations, employing a total of 250 people. The experience gained in over 100 years of building soft shelters, from covered wagons and tents in 1895 to the Genesis® tension tent in 1986 to the Fifth Season Expedition Tent in 2002, has carried over to development of tentage for both structural and sleeping tents covering all branches of the US Military.

    Eureka! began developing the current Modular General Purpose Tent System (MGPTS) design in 1997. This is the replacement for the old style General Purpose Tent used since the late 40's. Through extensive Government and Eureka! research and development, the MGPTS has evolved into an efficient tent system and Eureka! has achieved extensive knowledge and experience in the production of the MGPTS. The MGPTS incorporates the latest tension tent design and manufacturing technologies to provide the Government with a multi-purpose weatherproof shelter for any environment. The MGPTS is significantly different from any other tent that is currently being produced for the US Government. The MGPTS Performance Specification established some of the most stringent Wind/Rain/Snow loading criteria to be applied to a military tent system. The fabric used in the MGPTS was developed specifically for this tent. It has to maintain complete light discipline, suppress infrared signature while operating in temperature ranges from 120° F to -60° F. At the same time, we developed a 2-man Combat tent for the US Marine Corp. The experience gained as the prime manufacturer of the MGPTS has brought other government solicitations to Eureka!. We have been a leading supplier to the military, including the US Army 3-man Lightweight Extreme Weather Shelter (LEWS), the 2-man Marine Combat Tent, the 4-man Extreme Cold Weather Tent (ECWT), the Canadian Survival Environmental Protector Tent (SEP) and the Chemical / Biological Liner for the MGPTS. In addition, we are currently in testing for a replacement for the Army shelter half with an Individual Combat Shelter (ICS). This one man tent is lightweight and maintains the same specifications as our tents above.◄
  15. BSA Scout Wall Tent DIAMOND BRAND   This company appears to be primarily a commercial supplier of canvas tents to organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America and the US military. Probably, they do not sell to the general public, but i will try and find out. "Diamond Brand is a 130 year old US based manufacturer of fabric based solutions, specializing in outdoor gear that protects people and equipment. Diamond Brand contract manufactures sewn products, primarily tents, backpacks and covers, for domestic and foreign militaries and outdoor companies and organizations like the Boy Scouts of America. We also contract manufacture sewn products for industrial use on a case by case basis."

    ►For decades, Diamond Brand has produced thousand of licensed wall tents every year for the Boy Scouts of America for use in their summer camps. These tents are exposed to virtually every environment and condition imaginable as they are fielded in all 50 states. These tents have not only stood the test of time through their classic designs, but have also withstood the rigors that countless Boy Scouts have imparted upon these virtually indestructible tents. The Boy Scout wall tents are the work horse of the Boy Scout shelter program. Our tents have earned the right to carry the Boy Scout logo. They continue to field these tents year after year because they work and few other shelter alternatives can offer the value that these time-tested tents can. Diamond Brand also produces custom tents to meet an individual camp or council's specific needs and we are the proud manufacturer and producer of the Philmont Scout Ranch wall tents that are built to their exacting standard and designed to withstand the abuse of a high UV environment, high winds, and the effects of 25,000 campers per season. All of our tents are made of tough 11oz. tan or pearl grey 50/50 Polyester cotton blended Polaris or Starfire fabrics. We also offer a lighter-weight polyester tent with factory sealed seams to provide a dry environment right out of the box. All of our fabrics are fire-retardant, water, UV and mildew-resistant and designed to shed and withstand the most persistent winds, rains and snows. Our tents come in 5 standard sizes.◄
  16. Prospector Model Wall Tent A.T.U.K.   Located in the Northeastern area of the world is this Canadian business specializing in fine quality cotton canvas tents. Picture on the right is of their "Prospector" Model Wall Tent/Platform Tent: This is the ideal tent for permanent or semi-permanent site use. Easily carried and very warm in winter, its convenient all year round. It sports ballistic nylon snow skirts, a fiberglass stove cloth (2650 degrees) and a carrying bag. Windows and a screen door can be added. This tent model can be ordered to customer specified dimensions.

    ►Established in 1996, ATUK is a company that has been designing, creating and producing different types of tents, Sioux tipis and cedar canoes for nearly twenty years. At the head of ATUK, there stands Guy Hébert, all-round craftsman, trapper and coureur de bois. Working with wood, leather, fur or canvas has no secret for him. Along the years, he developed a deep interest in every facet of Indian handicraft. This explains the name ATUK he gave his company, meaning "caribou" in the language of the Montagnais living on Quebec North-Shore. Cotton tents vary according to fabric used and manufacturer's skill. The words canvas and duck mean the same material. The most frequently used cotton for tent manufacturing is white cotton. There are different grades of cotton, some resist more than others to stretching, to wear, and some are more water repellent. White cotton offers more brightness at night. There are three types of white cotton: "Single Fill", one strand weave; "Duo Fill", two strands weave; or "Army Duck", four strands weave. The two first grades are the cheapest and least resistant on the market. The "Army Duck" grade is the finest and offers the greatest resistance to wear and tear; it doesn't stretch and is 100% water repellent. Tent fabric may be named "Excello", "Skyprotex" or "Sunforger". Those appellations do not designate brands of cotton, but treatments given to fabric to render it flame retardant, water repellent and mildew resistant. Fabric so treated is quite tough, as long as the tent is stored in a dry place. We firmly believe that "Army Duck" 10oz cotton, "Excello" treated, is by far the best choice: It is water repellent, fire retardant and mildew resistant. All our seams are double sewn and flat felled, a process that keeps fabric from pulling on the stitches. This kind of sewing guarantees great strength and tightness under any condition.◄
  17. White Wall Tent TENTSMITHS   These folks actually seem to specialize in duplicating historical tents and they have quite a few different models, a big inventory. You might ask them if their tents are suitable for year round living if that is your plan.

    ►Wall tents have been in use for much longer than at first thought. Paintings from 1544 show open-faced wall tents standing with pavilions and wedges. A model of a tent dated to the mid-17th century, and profusely decorated with taped seams outside and fully embroidered inside, stands in a European museum. There are drawings of wall tents being used in military settings ca. 1740. A sketch brought back from England shows a wall tent with overhanging eaves dating from 1780. Long's expedition of 1819 was recorded in paintings which show the tent in use and numerous other paintings attest to its continued use during the 19th century. Truly a tent that has never gone out of style, the wall tent appears in all the woodsmanship books of the early part of this century and is still in use for guided hunting trips and Indian winter living in northern Canada. Wall tents have been popular because they are a very efficient use of material for the space provided, are easy to transport, quick to set up, and ensure a dry, trouble free, comfortable camp. All TENTSMITHS wall tents include overhanging eaves (as did many originals) to shed water away from the walls, overlapping doors to discourage wind-blown rain from entering, and an internal mud flap to further ensure against weather entering from beneath the walls. All wall tents listed here are starting points only. We offer taller walls, peaks, or both. Tents can be made wider or longer to suit your needs and requirements. We highly recommend the addition of a second door as this allows the tent to ventilate more efficiently on a hot day giving you the coolest place in camp.◄
  18. US Stove Barrel Stove Kit US STOVE COMPANY BARREL STOVE KIT   Let me tell you I'm an old Wood Burning Barrel Stove man. I have made and used one of these barrel stoves for years when i was living on the high-desert in Southern California. I used a barrel stove kit from "Sotz", an airtight stamped metal kit and it worked very well. Unfortunately, Sotz is no longer in business and i do not know how well these cast iron kits work being sold nowadays. Anyway, i used a standard size 30 gallon barrel with my Sotz kit and most people would not want anything larger than 30 gallons for use in a wall tent. After installing the kit on the barrel, next step i think is to do a "Trial Burn" to burn off any chemical residue or paint in or on the barrel. It's best to do the "Trial Burn" with the stove out-of-doors because the barrel may smoke a lot. Don't let the stove get "Red Hot" if possible. After you're finished with the trial burn and cleaned out the ashes, set-up the stove indoors and use a small shovel or coffee can to load a layer of clean sand up to about the bottom of the door opening. I never changed this sand and it just stays in there giving some protection to the metal surface of the stove bottom. These stoves are one of those things in life which pays for itself many times over from it's original investment. You can burn a lot of household trash in these things, things like used paper plates or old newspapers to start the morning fire. Also, you can make or buy some stove tools like pokers, rakes and blow tubes (Fireplace Blow Poke) used to get the flame started good. Very sadly, i hope it's not true, but some people say and i quote: "This stove is NOT eligible for sale in California or Washington State." Also, the links here are going to for your buying convenience.

    ►This Model #BSK1000 Cast Iron Barrel Stove Kit, Converts one 30 Or 55 Gallon Drum into a "Heat Radiating Wood Burning Stove". Great for out-buildings garages, cabins, or wall tents. Includes: Door, Chimney Collar & Barrel Stand. Barrel NOT Included!◄
  19. Small Army Wall Tent ARMBRUSTER TENTS   If you are looking for old fashioned quality you might consider this old line genuine US company. They are still making and selling to the general public World War II type canvas military tents. They also make huge industrial size tents not suitable for individual use. But check out their World War II tents, those you can use for full time living if you are so inclined. You can visit their interesting Blog by visiting:

    ►Armbruster Mfg. Co. has built tents for the US Government and the Red Cross since the turn of the century. Our first government orders began during WWI, then larger orders during WWII when 3 shifts of workers were used to complete wartime contracts. All types of tents were manufactured by Armbruster. Armbruster WWII tents are made to last, just like the originals we manufactured over 65 years ago. Some people ask why our Canvas WWII tents are more expensive than other vendors on the market. The reasons why are: These are not tents made for a "movie set" to be used one time. We take care to meet the original war time contract specifications and almost 70 years later that doesn't come cheap. Our tents are a better choice for the following reasons: These WWII Tents are American Made not imported. These tents are manufactured by the same manufacturer who made them during the War. We use the same machines, stencils, and hardware, wherever possible, some dating from 1928. Lifespan of our WWII canvas tents is 30-40 years of regular use. These WWII Canvas tents are handmade by master craftsmen with over 40 years of tent manufacturing experience. These are Milspec tents made to military specifications - not re-enactor grade tents that wear out after a few years. We don't make reproductions, we make NEW MADE WARTIME CANVAS TENTS to US Government Contract Specifications. Because these tents are made by a TENTMAKER, the patterns are correct and they pull out properly to look like a tent! (and shed water properly). Other vendors tents don't pull out properly because the patterns are incorrect, or the sewing was done improperly. We make tents not copies of them. These tents are under full warranty back by a company who has been hand making tents since 1875.◄
  20. Yakama Wall Tent YAKIMA TENT   This business is based in Yakama, Washington. They sell their tents on eBay also.

    ►Yakima Tent manufactures wall tents, tipis, tarps, truck tarps, and other quality custom-designed products. We are also an importer and distributor of poly tarps. Yakima Tent products are recognized and appreciated by hunters, Civil War re-enactors, and outdoor enthusiasts. Our products have been used by the movie industry, the Yakama Indian Nation, and the National Geographic Society on a two-year expedition down the Yukon River. FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE CONTINENTAL US! Please Note: There are seven states in which we can ONLY sell fire retardant tents. These include California, Minnesota, Michigan, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York. Basic Features (all wall tents): 1/3 pitch roof for proper runoff, Rope sewn in eaves, Reinforced ridge openings, Heavy brass grommets, Nylon stake loops on bottom, Overlapping tie-style door, Your choice of fabrics, Frame joints available, Yakima Tent products are recognized and appreciated by hunters, Civil War re-enactors, and outdoor enthusiasts.◄
  21. Cimarron Platform Tent CIMARRON TENTS   This is a product of the Colorado Yurt Company based in Montrose, Colorado. Pictured on the right is their platform model. They sell two basic models: A Classic Outfitter’s Wall Tent & a Platform Tent.

    ►Cimarron Tents come in two styles. The classic Outfitter’s Wall Tent is perfect for hunters and outdoors men and women. It’s rugged, quick to set up and is pitched on the ground. The Platform Tent is often used by camps, bed and breakfasts or folks just wanting to add an outdoor room to their landscape. It is pitched on a deck-like platform built by the tent owner. Tent fabric choices include: First, 5 ounce per square yard TuffStar is a tightly woven 45/55 poly/cotton army duck that comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. It is flame retardant and has a durable acrylic coating that resists water, soil, mildew and UV. Ideal for prolonged exposure to the elements. It is our premier fabric. Off-white color. Other colors available on request. Second, 13 ounce per square yard Sunforger® is a tightly woven 100% cotton army duck that is preshrunk and marine treated. The marine finish makes it water repellent, and resistant to UV and mildew degradation. It is available with an additional flame retardant treatment or without. Natural cream color. Give us a call at: (800) 288-3190 and we'll help you design the perfect structure.◄
  22. New Stove Tent ALBION CANVAS   Albion Canvas has many unique designs in tents. On the board is this wall tent built around the use of a wood stove.

    ►Welcome to the home of real tents! Traditional cotton canvas, oiled timber poles and frames, ropes, finials and wood pegs. We design and custom build all sorts of tented structures for camping, the garden, events, fixed luxury tented accommodation, film and TV. Browse through our extensive range of beautifully engineered and finished canvas tents. There’s something for everyone here; from classic ridge tents through to top of the range yurts and tipis. Plus, if you can't see exactly what you are after we should be able to make it for you. Here we have the latest addition to the Albion Canvas collection. There are a few details (like price!) yet to be finalized, but I have been working on the design for a while and thought you might like to see it. The idea is a smallish tent that can accommodate a small wood burning stove safely. Many of the other designs like the Bell tents have stoves fitted but aren't entirely satisfactory, so I have designed the Satara specifically to take a stove. As per usual all the canvas is fire retardant, but the tent has been designed to keep the stove to one side, with a roof pitch to take a silicone flue collar at the correct angle. There is a plenty of room to the rear for a double mattress, and a single bed to one side. The tent can be divided in two different ways with hangings, and can also be extended to increase the living space. The overall floor space is 3m x 4m (10ft x 13ft) with a height in the center of 2.13m (7ft) and wall height of 9.1m (3ft). Traditional sectioned wooden poles and finials. Side poles to reduce the guy rope footprint are available although not essential. There is also the option to extend the front porch to give a good 1.7m (5ft) covered area in front of the tent, ideal for sitting out or cooking in good weather. The rear angled corner walls have a netted roll up window in each to give good ventilation in warm weather. Cost is looking around £1350.00 + stove, final price available once we have completed the prototype.◄
  23. REI MSR Boardroom Tent REI   REI is a reseller of tents. I trust REI so i include them in my websites. They have a section called 'Family Camping Tents'. The picture on the right is of their 8 person MSR Board Room Tent. "Truly massive, the floorless MSR Board Room is designed for multi-activity camping. Versatile add-on components (sold separately) let you configure the shelter to fit your needs and the weather."

    ►At REI, we love to get outside and play, and we know first-hand the importance of quality outdoor gear. We stand behind all our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we design our own line of award-winning REI brand gear and clothing. Whether you're new to outdoor adventure or a seasoned pro, we gladly share our enthusiasm for our products—and the trails, slopes and waterways where we play. By staying true to our roots, we've earned a place on FORTUNE magazine’s list of the '100 Best Companies to Work For' every year since the rankings began in 1998. We work hard to earn our reputation for quality and integrity every day. Our commitment remains the same as when we started out in 1938: To inspire, educate and outfit for a lifetime of outdoor adventure. What began as a group of 23 mountain climbing buddies is now the nation’s largest consumer cooperative with more than three million active members. But no matter how large we grow, our roots remain firmly planted in the outdoors. Our passion for outdoor adventure is clear, whether you walk into one of our 100-plus stores, phone us, or visit the REI website.◄
  24. Wall Tent MOUNTAIN STATES TENT & AWNINGS   This business has two locations to serve you: Colorado & Wyoming.

    ►At Mountain States Tent & Awning/Mountain States Signs LLC, we manufacture Awnings, Tents, Signs and Banners. Vehicle Wraps and Decals are made and applied per your specifications. Graphics can be applied to a vehicle, business doors and windows, or an awning. A wide variety of Signs can be manufactured or repaired, as well as ready-made signs installed. Custom Design and Consultations, Prototype Sewing, and Custom Sewing or repairs are available. Party Tents are available for any occasion. Hunting Tents and Tepees are made to order. ALL OUR WORK IS GUARANTEED. Our wall tents are made of white canvas. The most popular fabric is 10.5oz marine finish army duck that is water repellent and mildew resistant. We offer a 10.5oz untreated army duck and a #12 canvas. These fabrics are also available in a 13oz. weight. Our wall tent frames are manufactured of square aluminum tubing; 1-1/4in square for brackets, 1in square for rafters, ridge uprights. All color coded for easy, 15 minute setup. VERY STRONG!◄
  25. Picture of SHELTER FRAME CONNECTORS   This website would be a great resource for those of you looking for "Build-It-Yourself" tent frame systems either using metal tube or 2x2, 2x3, 2x4 Lumber or maybe PVC tubing. You would have to design your own from your own dimensions for your particular project.

    ►With much of the items listed here a person needs to use their imagination to finish off the project. Meaning for example you can make a simple design on paper for a small dwelling or tent and use accessories available from the listed suppliers to provide framework connectors or to provide maybe a canvas or poly covering. You might be able to modify an existing prefab canvas or poly covering to allow for a door or window. Many of these connector systems can be used to build the necessary framework for a Canvas Wall Tent. A lot of the things listed here are not designed for human habitation. You have to make them habitable and use common sense. Be careful that you don't suffocate yourself - I need all the Shed & Shelter visitors i can get!◄
  26. Budget Serengeti Tent EXCLUSIVE TENTS   By the looks of their website - they sell beautiful canvas tents. Most are of larger size suitable for family living. But they do have smaller tents suitable for individual or couple living. Picture on the right is of their "Budget Serengeti", aprox: 20ft x 15ft.

    ►Welcome To A Whole New World of Ultra-Luxury African Canvas Safari Tents, Eco-Lodge, Island Dwelling, Spa, Tree House, Alternative Living and Resort Tents. Our stunning and eco-friendly tent designs are quickly becoming the standard for alternative accommodation worldwide. From the remote African safari to the five star ultra luxury island resorts, Exclusive Tents is leading the way to a new era of sustainable green living. Our focus and passion is to provide canvas and fabric structures which have a low impact on the surrounding environment. In doing so, we have opened the door for many architects looking to develop in environmentally sensitive areas. This in turn, means that places like beaches and islands, which are protected, can now be enjoyed without any harm to the area. The tents are designed with the individual in mind. They can be used as a summer vacation home, a second home on a large property, a guesthouse, or as an organic alternative to things such as gazebos or carports. These green alternatives will distinguish any property from the ordinary. Our tents can be found in all types of environments including coastal and tropical settings like Belize, Costa Rica, Turks and Caicos, Maldives, and the Seychelles. You can also find them in the heart of Mexico and sprinkled throughout the United States. Various other international sites utilize our tents for things like safari accommodation, weddings, hunting camps, fishing lodges, spa and yoga centers, and tree houses. Exclusive Tents prides itself in the level of customer service and attention to detail that we offer from first contact until well after setup. We work very closely with our customers to develop and meet all of their ultra luxury accommodation and alternative living needs. Please have a look around and make sure to send an inquiry via the "contact us" form for price requests and any questions that you may have. Also make sure to check out our "FAQ" page for more information. Also make sure to have a look at our Furniture and Design Galleries on the left of the page. There you will find authentic mahogany and leather furniture designed to compliment the interior of our tents. Inquiry forms can be found on both pages for price requests and questions.◄
  27. Riley Camp Stoves RILEY STOVE COMPANY   These stoves are made for use in Wall/Cabin tents and they have quite a few different models to choose from. The stoves range from very small on up to a large model. Picture on the right is of their three largest stoves.

    ►Riley Stove Company started manufacturing stoves in 1982. We manufacture outdoor wood-burning camp stoves, pellet stoves, Dutch oven stoves, hot water tanks, warming shelves, temperature controlled ovens, warming ovens, fold-up tables, pack boxes, porta-potties, spark arresters, tent A-frames and more. Riley stoves are packable and easily transportable. Riley stoves come in a variety of sizes! Stove accessories such as hot water tanks, warming shelves, ovens, pipe and legs attach to stoves and are designed with precise measurements to fit inside of stoves. Riley stoves are easy to transport by horses, mules as well as other modes of transportation. They are constructed from galvanized steel and come with a patented air cooled bottom. We use galvanized steel because it is rust-proof and will last 5-10 years longer than black iron materials. The first time you build a fire in your stove, the coating will liquefy from wood heat. This is NOT a cause for concern as it will not burn off. Allow this process 5-7 minutes to occur, after which the surface then hardens. This process gives the stove a baked-on finish which protects it from oxidation/rust. Using galvanized steel also makes your wood stove more light-weight than other types of metal. We have many additional Riley Stove products such as the Dutch Oven Cooker, Montana Pack Rat, Riley Food Boxes, metal folding tables and much more. At Riley Stove Company we strive to make your outdoor excursions memorable by designing quality products that last a lifetime!◄
  28. Small White Canvas Wall Tent BILL WALTER FOUR SEASONS TENTMASTERS   This business favors the look and feel of very old style tents and that's mostly what they do.

    ►Without a doubt, this is probably the most versatile tent (Wall Tents) today. It has been used by the military for untold years with great success and is still being used today worldwide. As with all our tents, we offer the best fabric available and nothing less. The wall tent is strong and versatile while keeping the military look of clean lines and durability. With seven different sizes to choose from, we are sure there is one to fit your needs.
    Suggestion - when choosing a tent, figure the number of people and how much floor space you will need, THEN, get the next size larger tent. There is nothing worse than planning a weekend with four people and finding out you have room for only three. The biggest mistake made when laying out how much space is needed, is that you forget to figure in the walking space needed to get around inside your tent. Reminder, a stove takes up the same amount of space as a person. Available with double door and stove outlets, add a fly and you have a very comfortable set-up for summer or winter camping. Since camping is not exactly a past time in these periods, almost all tentage was of military use and design. We will strive to keep that recreational look out of the Rendezvous and other history activities. Our roof lines are kept steep to eliminate that garage look. Please call us for more details regarding adding more poles if necessary!◄
  29. 10ftX10ft Wall Tent MIDWEST TENT   If you are looking for a low cost wall tent this might be the place to start looking. $229 as of 6/5/10. Price includes one "Standard Wall Tent" 10ft x 10ft x 7½ft tall with 5ft side walls (No floor or Sod-flaps). It appears that there are two people working this business. I checked, and they have excellent feedback on eBay, because they sell their products on eBay. It seems that this is the only wall tent they sell. But they have a lot of other types of cool tents and stuff in their line of products.

    ►This new fabric used on this tent (Boat-shrunk high count 13 ounce cotton canvas heavy-duty) is similar to Sunforger and is light yet very strong and weatherproof. Doors on both ends that have a healthy overlap and double ties. You can use it with just two poles, but side poles and a ridge pole makes it much better and shortens the ropes quite a bit. Fits 120 degree carport brackets if you want a full frame. All of our wall tents feature hand-sewn grommets instead of brass ones. They are far more durable and certainly more ancient-looking than the brass ones. This fabric is very waterproof, and can keep you dry in seriously bad weather. You will be shocked by the room you have in one of these, and can put a big bed and lots of stuff and still have plenty of space to walk around. This canvas is not fire-retardant, and there are no sod-flaps or floors on this first batch. The spikes, poles and ropes are not included, but are available extra. Metal brackets are also available if you want to go with an all-metal frame. Question: Are these tents made by you, or imported? A good portion of the large white ones are imported, as are some of the colored ones. About half of the tents are made in house though. All of our tipis, yurts, gers, and regular wedges are made here, as are all the lightweight ones and many of the rounds.◄
  30. Four Dog Stove FOUR DOG STOVE   Looks like a quality stove for your wall tent use. My own experience with wood stoves has taught me that having a flat top surface is best and has a few good uses as a place to heat water or maybe cook some food.

    ►All stoves are handcrafted in the USA! Our stoves are more efficient: True air tight door with a high temp gasket for a air tight seal. A baffled fire box that makes the stove 20-30% more efficient than other stoves, by forcing flames to go around the baffle before exiting the firebox. It keeps the heat in the fire box not up the pipe. Four dog models allow you to burn less and have more heat with less work. Our stoves are safer. The air tight door allows complete control of your burn, close the air intake the fire is out, no run away fires. Baffles make the stove safer by forcing hot gases and sparks to go around the baffle instead of straight up the stove pipe. Reduces chances of hot sparks or embers from getting sucked up the pipe causing a fire or burn hole in the tent. About the cooking hot spot: Baffles create a hot spot on top of the stove for cooking or boiling water. Without the hot spot the baffle makes, most of the heat goes up the stove pipe forcing the stove operator to run the stove much hotter, burning more wood, making more work, over heating the tent and increasing cooking times.◄
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